Jan 08 2019

Flash Fiction #FlashFiction The Sunrise Alarm

Found this flash fiction prompt at: fictioncanbefun.wordpress.com

The Sunrise Alarm

The birds call to each other. Jenny Wren is especially loud about informing everyone in the forest that morning has come. Leaves rustle around me as rabbits hop and squirrels gather. A deer moves a twig as it heads to the stream. I inhale the clean air and crisp smells as I rouse. Breakfast options are all around me. It will be served once I acquire and prepare it. Moving silently is the key. After that’s done, I’ll wash up in the stream.

BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP!!! The machine blares a warning. Is it just morning, or has something come to kill me? My other half smacks around with closed eyes until the nightmarish sound stops. I would trade my pillow for a rock so I could smash that thing. There isn’t time to enjoy smells. Breakfast needs to be ready soon. More machines. Labels on food that comes from machine places. Another machine heats the water for the shower I’ll take. Not to feel refreshed, not to equalize my scent with my surroundings, but so as to not stand out, to not become prey for mean people.

Which world is really mine? Can I belong to both? How can a person live in one and not the other?

Could I ever be happy now that I know both?

Those questions might never be answered.

Will I ever destroy the alarm clock?

Some piles of remains at a junkyard may offer a clue.

Accidents happen.

Sometimes accidents involve a Bowie knife when I’ve been left alone for the night.


~ By J Lenni Dorner

(Fiction… yeah… fiction. Ha ha ha.)


  1. I got chills with that one. You spin a good yarn.

    1. Thanks so much.
      My other half laughed.
      “Yeah… your knife “accidentally” broke two alarm clocks when I wasn’t here. It just fell on them, right?”
      Ha ha ha… yeah.
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  2. Hi J,

    Glad you had fun with the prompt! Great story – there are too many machines in our lives, aren’t there?

    Hope to see you next month – we’ve got some great prompts lined up for the year.

    All the best,

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