Jan 13 2019

Twelve Sunday Stealing Questions

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Host Bev Sykes of sundaystealing.blogspot.com and the blog “Funny the World”.
Welcome to Sunday Stealing.
This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first – Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud) Cheers to all of us thieves!

Questions from a set of “Storywise” cards

  1. The strangest place you’ve ever been.
  2. Cargo hold of an ocean liner.

  3. Unusual food combinations you enjoy.
  4. Scrapple and maple syrup.

  5. Your best cure for hiccups.
  6. Pressing on collarbone.

  7. Something you have never done but would like to try.
  8. Skydiving.

  9. A routine you do every day without fail.
  10. Drink water.

  11. Something new you’ve recently learned.
  12. I read “The Alchemist,” and one of the characters talks about his goal and such. During that, he talks about the Koran, and the five obligations written there. So I just learned that those exist, and what they are. (One God, pray 5x a day, fast during Ramadan, charity, Mecca pilgrimage)

  13. Your keenest sense.
  14. Hearing.

  15. Whether you prefer cooking or cleaning up.
  16. Cooking if it’s outdoors, cleaning if indoors.

  17. Where were you the last time you saw the sun rise?
  18. In the forest.

  19. A recent time you were embarrassed.
  20. A potluck. Apparently there are only *certain* dead forest animals that can be put on a grill in the suburbs. I don’t know where this magic list is. Honestly, I thought people ate rabbit and such.

  21. An everyday sound that delights you.
  22. The wind blowing through the leaves.

  23. The last conversation you had with a stranger.
  24. Well, I’m a mute. So the conversation on my end was a head nod and a hand wave gesture.


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  1. I have never heard of pressing on your collar bone to stop hiccups. Another thing for me to try. Loved your answers! Have a great day!

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    1. Thanks so much!
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  2. I also have not heard of pressing the collar bone. Sunrise through trees is beautiful.

    1. I’m just a wealth of knowledge here, aren’t I? LOL. Glad to spread it around. Thanks for dropping by.
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  3. Ha! I don’t like scrapple, but imagine that maple syrup dumped on it would only improve it!

    1. It turns a savory into a sweet. The same is true for ham and bacon. Any pork product, really.
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  4. I have eaten rabbit. It was a bit like chicken. Really a mute? Interesting. I haven’t heard of pressing on your collarbone to stop hiccups either. I usually use a spoonful of sugar.

    1. I have eaten a lot of rabbits and hares. Not too hard to trap or clean. Cooks over a fire pretty easy.
      Yes, I’m non-verbal. There are some clicking sounds and stuff, but speech is not among my capabilities. One doctor said he probably could have helped me if he had seen me when I was young. I don’t even know what to do with that kind of answer. “Yes, if only we had mastered time travel.” WTF?
      The hiccup thing, I don’t understand it exactly. Something to do with blood flow I guess.
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    • Bev on January 13, 2019 at 3:07 PM
    • Reply

    I had never heard of Scrapple until a woman I worked for sent me on a hunt for it when we went back east. Can’t say I was impressed.
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    1. The name comes from the word “scrap.” The Pennsylvania Dutch people didn’t believe in waste. They found a way to use every possible part of a slaughtered animal. I greatly admire that.
      As far as being impressed by the taste, well, it isn’t for everyone. Nice to have another kind of breakfast meat though.
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  5. Well that’s a lot of different info. lol Leaves in the wind is neat. I heard freezing rain on leaves last night and that was pretty cool sounding, too 🙂
    herding cats has this post to share [memes] Favorite New To Me Authors + my week in booksMy Profile

    1. Yes, that’s a great sound. Perhaps less great when you’re sleeping outside and it reminds you of just how cold it is. But otherwise, yes, a nice sound.
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  6. My father-in-law loved scrapple. I thought it was awful. Maple syrup might have helped. Welcome to Sunday Stealing; I don’t think I’ve seen you playing before. Do join us again.

    1. Yeah, I’m new. I do wish the link list showed up so I could visit others.
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  7. I must try that collarbone trick the next time. I hope I remember it. Skydiving is fun!

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