Jan 26 2019

Two Book Reviews and a Bingo Update

The Fae Realm by Ronel Janse van Vuuren

#SpecFic Speculative Fiction book
Author I Haven’t Previously Read

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I enjoyed this quick and easy read by Ronel Janse van Vuuren quite a bit. “The Fae Realm” is a collection of some of her short stories, followed by references to where the lore began. It must have taken quite a bit of research to make this book. Very admirable. I was fascinated because the lore was mostly stories I hadn’t heard before. I got a copy of this book when I was on Ronel’s website. We’ve never met, but the author and I do run in several of the same writer/blogger circles.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, especially fae stories with a fun take on the legends. Speculative Fiction is my favorite genre, and this book falls into that category. It was stimulating to read because I didn’t know all the myths, so I wasn’t sure where the stories would go. I would read another book from this author.

Some stories were tragedies, others comedies, and a few were haunting. They were all fast-paced and entertaining. From “The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly” I loved the line “Being a siren wasn’t all singing songs and combing hair.” A guy in that story reminds me of someone I work with. My favorite story in the book though was “Cait Sith and the In-Between,” because of the Faery Cat. I hadn’t heard of Faery Cats before, so that was something this book taught me.

The cover (with the stone archway ruins and the greenish fog) is a good choice because it sets the mood for several of the stories. That sort of mystical feel. And the title certainly makes sense, given the context of the book. (It does, however, cause Amazon to list 12 other books before it when just the title is put into the search. That’s unfortunate.) Some stories have minor scenes of violence, but I think the book is overall suitable for teens and up.

It is well edited. I only found one error. “She had one her part to keep her Court fed…” I think that’s supposed to be “done” or maybe “won.”

A fun book to read overall. Excellent for those thinking about adding Fae to their own stories.

Booketing: Book marketing for self-publishing success. A writer’s guide to promoting books. Write Free Book Series by Alex Foster

Writing Craft book
Publication Date: March 17, 2016

4 star rating image on the blog of @JLenniDorner

This book was short and easy to read. As an author with three books out, I’m of course drawn to the subject of sales and promoting my books. I found this book on Amazon while searching for something else. I would recommend it to my fellow published authors. This is the second book by Alex Foster that I’ve read. It’s likely I will read more. The author seems especially gifted in research.

I do read several books on the craft of writing (including marketing) every year. This is is a genre of which I’m familiar with and appreciate. It is informative and entertaining, and written objectively.

I learned that I should be a “cash cow” in this market and that I need a “consistent, mixed marketing presence” to be one. The book listed sites I hadn’t heard of, such as HUGEOrange, BookGorilla, and TheFussyLibrarian. I’m not sure how I feel about picking categories for one’s book based on low popularity rather than most accurate. I see how it would up the odds of being a bestseller, but that sounds like cheating the system a bit.

The book cover with the book turning into sand and being swept away by the ocean is very eye-catching. (The one on Goodreads with the cartoon person cramming books into an open head is much funnier, but I prefer the other.) The title does match the contents of the book, but wow is that long!

It was an easy to read book and I do suggest that my fellow indie authors pick it up.

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