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  1. LOL. #7 question and answer. Love it.

    When I went to Hawaii, California, and when I visited at first here in Florida, we would drive around, and I would say “oh, look at that tree.| I’d get excited about it. I took pictures of trees. Trees are beautiful, majestic, and awesome.

    It is a highlight to any vacation when I find great trees. Trees inspire me and make me feel closer to God.

    When we visited the Red Wood forest in California, only real forest I have been to, I felt like I was in a cathedral. Never felt such peace from a place before. I have too much difficulty walking now but I wish I had, had exposure to forest when I was younger. I would go a lot. The forest in Hawaii was beautiful too, but I was unable to walk to where the really great parts were located. California Red Wood for some reason was my favorite because the peace just being among them brought me.

    I don’t know why I have always been so fascinated with trees. The only thing I am worse about is the ocean when it comes to mother earth.
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    1. I’m so right about trees. LOL.
      Red Woods would probably give me… I’m about to make a bad pun, so I’m gonna shut up.
      But yeah, trees are great. And I hate being away from them. Freaks me out.
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    • 勝美 on January 27, 2019 at 11:44 PM
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    May need a refresher course in edible plants.

    Had to do three days in the forest to earn the Girl Scout merit badge but we were allowed toilet paper and what’s a few more days? Can’t be any worse than hard time in the slammer. I would probably enjoy it.

    1. Have done it many times in my life. It’s fun for me.
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  2. I get more and more tempted to join in with this. Especially because I can align with you on many of these questions!
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    1. I’m getting really addicted to it. It’s fun every week.
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