Feb 28 2019

Signed Up for the April Blogging #AtoZchallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary

#AtoZchallenge 2019 badge April Blogging Challenge

April Blogging Challenge

I know my ABC’s! This blog is signed up and ready to prove that I can blog alphabetically for the month of April.

Join me for the best blog hop on the Internet!


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  1. Yay! Not prepared but can’t wait! Loving the new badges.

    1. Hope you’re all signed up! It’s very exciting, isn’t it?
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  2. I’m trying to decide if I want to join. At the end of April I won’t be online, so I feel bad not being able to comment for over an entire week.
    Find on Twitter:

    1. That is a tough call. Though you could always go back to the last week of posts later. Like during reflections.
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