Mar 29 2019

LUCK The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

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I promise you, a lot of it is luck. But you make your own luck by working really hard and trying lots and lots of things. #quote Kevin Systrom Pinterest co-founder

In my “good luck” category, three copies of my new book sold during the pre-sale.

In my “bad luck” category, BookBub sent me this email:

Our team reviews all recently-added books for New Release Alert eligibility and determined that Writing Book Reviews As An Author: Inspiration To Make It Easier is not eligible for a New Release Alert.
The book was originally published before the submitted release date.
Our page length requirements for New Release Alerts are as follows: Nonfiction: 100+ pages

Paperback: 142 pages
Published March 19, 2019
Print Length: 84 pages
Publication Date: March 26, 2019

Yeah. So THAT happened. Amazon changed the date of the print version of my book, releasing it 6 days early. Why? I don’t know.
Also, even though it’s the same book with the same content… a 58-page difference.
I don’t know if that’s part of my rejection from BookBub’s New Release Alert or not. But it’s too late now. So, yup, just bad luck.

The Ugly

Formatting for Amazon and Smashwords is totally different. It took forever to get all that right. There are still some fixes I’d like to make to the print one. (Namely that it didn’t print the page numbers. I don’t know how they’re not there, but they’re not.)

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