Apr 03 2019

#IWSG Wish for Help Writing a Scene

If you could use a wish to help you write just ONE scene/chapter of your book, which one would it be?


(Existence series book two) The first kiss of two certain characters. Because it isn’t just a kiss and they aren’t human. So I need to emphasize the importance of what’s actually happening while also balancing the emotions and making it clear that this is consensual even though one character is in over her head until after the kiss.

(Anah’s story) How to resolve a high-stakes conflict scene I’ve included. I’m thinking of turning it into a drill (like a fire drill where people practice leaving a building calmly). But there’s the aftermath of “if this REALLY happened, what would I do??” And I honestly don’t know what to tell my character, so I don’t know what to tell her parents to tell her. Because if it really happened, that’s it, the story is over. It’d suck and then she’d die. So I’m trying to create a way for a better answer to exist. First, I need to remember that it’s a “fantasy” problem only based on a real world problem. (The real world problem doesn’t have a good answer. Basically, if it happens, things suck and then you die. That’s really what happens. Like, if you’re super lucky, there’s a war and you maybe don’t die. But, ummm, the odds aren’t really in your favor.)

So, yeah.

I welcome any ideas.

How about you? Are you in the IWSG? Looking forward to reading their latest book? Did you hear they’re making another?


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  1. Well, if it is something that has been practiced to the point the body remembers automatically to do the follow-through without having to think about it, it potentially could save a life in real life too. I worked in 911 emergency and practice and constant attention to the unreal scenario with, What if and what to do you do, makes a better performance when the situation is real, so maybe use a drill in that manner. It is because of that practice that it saves their lives. That happens.

    I just saw something on the news not long ago about some kids that survive in a forest for several days until found because of boy/girl scout knowledge. It saved their lives. I don’t remember the details or where, but I remember thinking how awesome that was that, that little thing in hobby/play kept them alive.
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    1. A #AtoZChallenge All Intents and Purposes #Fiction #SFF
      If you recall my story with that character, she’s a teenage girl who can read minds and such. And the (fictional) government agency is hunting people like that and putting them in a holding facility. I wrote it in 2016 and put it on the blog in April 2017. And today, in the non-fiction world, there is a non-fiction government agency that is really taking adults and children and putting them in holding facilities. And babies, actual in-diapers pre-walking age babies, have to stand trial in court without representation. So I had to chuck out the parts where her parents told her to demand lawyer if this happens, because she probably won’t have that right. So I have to come up with the kind of drill that she’d be able to avoid capture and have an escape plan. All without it sounding like I’m making an actual suggestion on how to do it because I don’t want to vanish. And yet, I want it to be real. Which is why I trashed a scene where she calls a Russian mobster cousin for help. Then again, maybe that really is a good idea. I don’t know. See how I got stuck? 🙁

      Anyway, thanks for the comment.
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      1. Yeah I know those horrifying things are happening in real life.

        Yeah, I do. I was approaching it too simple for your scenario nor was the imagination of it that complicated when I said that, so yeah I do see.

        Still, the body memory thing I have seen used when someone has lost their memory or secret org. or cults, lol, people who are programmed are triggered and they do something they were trained to do that is completely alien to them because they were made to forget until activated kind of thing. I like assassinations, bombings and so forth. It is the same body memory stuff we develop inborn habits with like walking and riding bike.

        If you can make the Russian cousin important somewhere else in the story too it might not be so strange or out of place if she reaches out to him for help, just a thought.
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        1. The cousin wasn’t meant to come into play until book two. So, yes, I suppose a mention in book one wouldn’t be bad.

          And yeah, I agree that practicing before is really important. It’s the what she’s supposed to practice that I’ve been rewriting for months.
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  2. Seems it is early because I first read that the kiss was the high-stakes conflict scene, then Juneta ‘s contribution “practiced to the point the body remembers,” and I was like, wow, that’s some kissing. How to approach the conflict (and the kiss) depends on so many factors I can’t advise, but it appears you have an idea. I’d go with it, if it’s not working, try another approach. So unhelpful, right? Juneta, I just toured a city 911 ops center and I was stunned by how expansive it was, how dark it was, how busy it was, not to mention high stakes. Amazing that you did that job. I’m not sure I could.
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    1. Thanks for the comment anyway. 🙂
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  3. Reminds me of the scenarios I stumble over in role-playing games I have to keep reloading until the ‘monster’ is dead. Not that I succeed in-game or real life.
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    1. Did it for 22 years, retired 2011 and then did it for a year here in FL. Orlando area (they had a nice large area as there were 20+ call takers and dispatchers, everything separated, but the first 16 years were in a dark area but we got a new building the last five years before I retired, although our room was smaller it was not as dark, it was more cubicle like and cramped. The dark room was bigger, but in a very old building that has been condemned now. It was an interesting job I was good at and I felt like I made a difference. Not sure I could go back now having been out so long and handle the stress, but others issues keep me from trying to do that or I might.
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  4. Interesting uses of your wish.
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  5. I hear you about needing a bit of help writing kissing scenes: they shouldn’t be drawn out, boring or TMI, but they still need to capture the moment and the emotions. Gah!

    Mmm, I remember Anah’s story. Have you watched “The Blacklist”? It’s a great TV series and at some point an important character fakes her death — even the guy with all the underground contacts believe it. Makes me think of the movie “Eraser”… Short of starting a war to escape and survive, maybe faking your own death and starting a new life is the best option? That scary manipulative gal she was “imprisoned” with can surely help with that? (Unless she gets everyone killed instead because she doesn’t like the food.)
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    1. The kiss isn’t just a kiss. It actually changes their world/ universe. No high stakes there *fake laugh*…

      I have seen Blacklist. And Eraser. The scene is before she meets the higher Eve girl. I made some progress with it yesterday, after taking two days off for mental health. (Which now has me behind, so I’m not sure if it was a good idea… but I kind of needed it.)

      Thanks for your thoughts!
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  6. The first one with the kiss willplay out based on the world and the characters—kiss scenes are like any other scene–character motivations and stakes are still at play.

    The second one is a bit of a tough one, and that’s good, this means you’ve got genuine conflict and tension in the scene.
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    1. Yes. Xavier’s kiss goal is getting Wend to remember who she really is and thus be able to tap into her power and such. Plus being in love with her and whatnot. Wend’s kiss goal is just to finally get him to kiss her because he has been so impossible about it and she just had her whole life shredded so she could use some affection. She has no idea what the end result of that kiss will be. He keeps telling her it’ll change her life, but she doesn’t “get” that it really, actually will. Ha ha ha. Good times.

      I worked more on the other scene the other day. It’s coming along more. The conflict and tension are off the charts.

      Thanks for your comment.
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