Apr 08 2019

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Writing Book Reviews As An Author

Inspiration To Make It Easier

By: J Lenni Dorner

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter G
is for genre.

Irresistible interest within a genre is about what you, and fans of the genre, enjoy.

Think about a genre. Consider what makes a book fit into that genre. Look at the books with the most reviews in the genre and take note of about what, specific to the genre, people most often comment on. If possible, find a book review blog that focuses only on that genre, then learn how that blog rates those books.

Leaving book reviews for books in your genre gives you authority, or credit, especially among readers who share your opinion. It also encourages your fellow authors to read and review your work.

When writing a book review, ask yourself:
Would you recommend a book only to others who like the genre it’s in?
Or do you think the book would appeal to a wider audience?

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Question: What’s your favorite genre to read?

— J, Co-host and Team Captain #AtoZChallenge

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  1. Hi. Just popping from the A to Z blog challenge.
    Sorry, I’ve never been asked to do a book review before, not quite sure how I would go about it.
    As an avid reader of Science Fiction books, I would probably say Science fiction would be among my most enjoyed books, so that’s the Genre’ I would choose.
    Blessings in the name of Jeshua, Geoff in South Africa.

    1. Any time you read a book you can write a review. Just find the book on sites, such as Goodreads, and go for it. The author will be grateful. And so will your fellow readers. Thanks for stopping in.
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  2. I found you! (You commented on my theme reveal and I couldn’t find your blog to return the favor.)

    There are two books I have recommended to people regardless of their favorite genre (besides classics). Most recently was Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips. Thanks for visiting my blog – flash fiction with audience participation. I’ve already used your suggestion in my C post. Hope to see you again.

    Doesn’t Speak Klingon
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    1. Ha ha. Hiding at the top of the list with the other co-hosts. Sneaky sneaky. 😉
      Glad you were able to find me. Thanks for stopping in.
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        • Red on April 13, 2019 at 9:05 PM
        • Reply

        Jokes on me! I re-sorted the list alphabetically. My brain feels happier that way.
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        1. Ah. I sort by category. But I don’t move the hosts that are locked at the top. Then again, that’s probably because I am one and thus chat with them more often. Anyway, glad you found me!
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  3. Young Adult — any genre, though preferably something with a fantasy/magic/folklore twist. I do enjoy thrillers, too, but they need something mythical to keep me interested (like JF Penn’s ARKANE series).
    Ronel Janse van Vuuren has this post to share Grr… #AtoZChallengeMy Profile
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    1. Yes, those are good genre tastes!
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  4. The two questions at the end are really good suggestions. My favourite genres are science-fiction and fantasy. I read a lot of YA as well because they’re usually all about coming of age and facing your destiny.
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    1. Ah, speculative fiction! Excellent genre to read. (I’m biased. LOL.)
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  5. That’s funny: Ms. Brown and I are kindred souls in what we primarily go for in genres. I also read Horror, Mysteries, Thrillers, Satire/Humor, plays, the odd Bio here and there, and I might pick up something outside of all that if someone I know strongly suggests it. Last book I read, The Bird King, is one that took me in from first to last word. I really wanted more.
    Which is what we all want, methinks

    Tale Spinning
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    1. You sound like me. Reading pretty much all over the place! Thanks for stopping by.
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  6. That’s a wonderful idea to see which books/authors in a favorite genre have the most reviews. A great way to find new authors that you might like as well. I enjoy your blog and found it through the 2019 A to Z Challenge. Happy writing! http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com
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    1. I’ve found several books I might not have otherwise using this method. Thanks for stopping by.
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  7. Up through last year, my quick answer for favorite genre was Mystery. While I still say Mystery, I add the caveat that all genres have their own Mystery and this year am branching out to many different genres (and review most of them.)
    G is for: Great Honors Bestowed by Ludwig
    (Theme: very short stories/varied genres)
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    1. There are classes on adding elements from the mystery genre to any novel to improve the plot. It’s because mystery books are very good with the “ticking clock” pacing. Thanks for stopping in!
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