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  1. Love this post. I’ve been trying to work on settings in the last few months and practise them part of the story.
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    • joy on April 13, 2019 at 12:36 PM
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    ooo that’s a really good question! i think it’d be the LORD OF THE RINGS series. Even without the movies I could easily envision myself there. Or even LION WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. (trying to think of L books :)).

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    Or wait, what about LOST HORIZON?
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    1. Excellent choices!
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  2. The Shining had a good setting too I thought and yes, that picture makes me feel very chilly!
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    1. Room 217 or room 237? 😉

      (You’ve ventured into my fandom.)
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  3. Look at you building up hype for two books at once 😛 All this winter imagery could double as a writing prompt. Thank you for the advice, as always! Let me provide a link for a website you’ve definitely never heard of before:

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    1. DYING of laughter.
      What a wonderful website you have there! I especially like those debut author interviews.
      Ha ha ha. <3
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  4. I do like an accurate setting. Sometimes I feel like “ugh, I would never live there”, but if it is well done, then that was probably the whole point (especially in dystopias). 🙂

    The Multicolored Diary
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    1. Sometimes, okay most of the time, I get caught up in why the people do live there. Like in the Hunger Games. How did they get stuck in those districts? And then I look at our world and think, oh, well… yikes, I can see it.
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  5. For best settings, I’d choose Lord of the Rings, although in a different genre my read of 2018, Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity #1) by Elizabeth E. Wein, captured the setting of WWII Occupied France and ‘siege’ Britain brilliantly.
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    1. Very cool! Rarely hear about location done well in historical. Good choice!
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  6. Setting is very important. Love your description 🙂 Favourite setting? Hogwarts, of course!
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    1. Hogwarts is a great example.
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