Apr 25 2019

Visual Appeal #AtoZChallenge #Writing #BookReviews as an #Author

Writing Book Reviews As An Author

Inspiration To Make It Easier

By: J Lenni Dorner

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter V
is for Visual appeal

Is it a good cover? Does it have visual appeal? Does it match the story or contents? This is your chance to remark on the work of an artist. Authors, as you probably know, do not always get a say on their book covers, so take care when wording, as praise or blame might belong to a publishing house. Also, give a brief description of the cover you are remarking on, because books change cover art (especially with later editions/ printings).

If you’re reviewing a children’s picture book or a graphic novel, this is a good time to also remark on the drawings done by the artist. Does it match the story? Is it well done and visually attractive? Use your own experience with art to determine how best to phrase this.

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Question: What most catches your eye when it comes to book covers?
For me, it’s colors. Click here for my Pinterest board of favorites!

— J, Co-host and Team Captain #AtoZChallenge

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  1. There are some pretty great covers out there. I like covers with cats. I don’t really care for cartoon-looking covers.
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  2. Spines – to see if they endure or break.

    Jamie, cat covers are great!

    I seem to be in two minds about author photos – in recent times they’ve been on the inside front and inside backs.

    A new cover which grabbed me was The Priory Tree by Samantha.

    And thank you – I appreciated the consideration of childrens’ book covers. I imagine children judge even more on the cover than adults do.

    So good library teachers teach them about all aspects of a book – the spine as I said earlier; the blurbs; the copyright …

    What I love is a representation of a central character in interaction with other characters. One example would be a Future Chalet School Girl where the early-1990s cover showed Ruey Richardson [red hair] and Melanie Lucas [black hair] in their beach chairs while they were in Tirol.
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  3. I loved the books covers you saved. What a great idea. I see a lot of purple in them.

  4. Covers are often the first thing that catch your eye – a bright colourful colour or beautiful illustrations work for me.
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  5. I think the title first and then a good picture.

  6. Great point about describing the cover — they change a lot between territories! I recently added a book series to my Goodreads TBR and was surprised that even the titles differed slightly from what I have on my shelf.
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  7. Unusual images and nothing that shows a definite character. Silhouettes yes – and no garish designs. Crisp and clever.
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