May 13 2019

Raving about Readathon Love for #BoutofBooks 25

Bout of Books
Bout of Books 25

Today’s challenge:

Introduce Yourself #insixwords

#InSixWords #boutofbooks  My autobiography in six words: rebel, strange, author, man, American, Lenape

#InSixWords #boutofbooks
My autobiography in six words:
rebel, strange, author, man, American, Lenape
(Yes, all the words are from book spines. 📚 )

#bob25igphoto #boutofbooks

Day of the challenge: Day 1
What I read today:

The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Grumpy Old Gods: Volume 1 – Anthology

I’m reading an ebook. I’m also borrowing an actual book. PLUS, I’m reading 500 word enteries at Write Club!

Total number of finished books: 0
Titles of finished books:

My GOALS during Bout of Books 25:

  1. Finish reading 4 books
  2. Take part in the challenges
  3. Write 4 book reviews

The Twitter chat was fun. My TBR pile grew. (Big shock, I know.)
I decided to make a list of what sort of books people want to read, based on the Twitter question. The number is how many people gave that answer.

Q6. Fill in the blank: I’d like to see more books with ____. #boutofbooks

13 #WeNeedDiverseBooks (non-binary, trans, genderqueer/fluid, non-straight, POC, #ownvoices, paranormal black characters, diverse parents, disabled, aro/ace, LGBT+, diverse mysteries, all body shapes have fair representation, LGBT+ dystopian, noticeable flaws, mental issues, normal weight, plus-sized, marginalized)
3 Viking, Celtic, Native American (characters, mythology, protagonist/ “good”)
2 Unicorns
2 strong female friendships without backstabbing & drama, really smart women
2 magical realism / technology and magic (not steampunk)
1 Urban Fantasy with Dragons
1 Lady Pirates
1 New Adult non-romance (more college and young professionals)

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