May 28 2019

Giving Myself the Gift of Done Part 2 and Blog All About It Bloom

I read Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff.
My review is a different post. I’m going over the notes here, doing the actions from the book.

blog all about it challenge 2019
I’m also working in my Blog All About It – May prompt of Bloom in here.

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ACTIONS from Chapter 3

1- A list of 3 things I can bomb (suck at) to BLOOM or flourish at my goals:

  1. Facebook.
  2. I already suck at it. No point in feeling bad. This way I’m not spending time trying not to suck at it.

  3. Folding towels.
  4. I love my Snookums, I really do. But I don’t care about towels being folded. I don’t even like towels! Savage.

  5. Replying to blog comments.
  6. I make an effort, but not enough of one. I’m a month behind on those right now.

2- A way to simplify time drains I can’t bomb.
It would be faster to write in Scrivener and edit in Google Docs with Grammarly one scene at a time. Then paste the scene to the next program to check for adverbs and homophones. And the last one to check the length of sentences. And finally into wordcounter to hear it. But then I HAVE TO STOP. That’s it. No more editing after that. Anything I haven’t caught by then I have to live with
… my brain just added a beta reader, no two, okay three beta readers and then another round of edits… SO yeah, this is a hard one to stick with for me.

I don’t know how to format faster. I don’t know how to fix image links faster. (Other than to ignore it, which I’ve been doing for almost two years.)

Audiense will make the unfollowing on Twitter faster.
@JLenniDorner audiense May 2019
I can already see who to cut first here. (The inactive people who aren’t following me back.)
Honestly, if I knew it was free instead of $10 a month, I’d have done this ages ago. I use to pay for this and kept up monthly, back when it was SocialBro and was $9.76 after taxes and such. But I was looking at ways to save a few bucks a month, and this was one thing I cut.

3- Keep a secret list of relationships that will suffer.
Okay, that’s not word-for-word what it says. But it’s what it means.
And at least two of them have already suffered.
Like… I’m sure I’m downgraded from a close friend to “oh yeah, I remember him.”

Bloom line break seperator

Satisfaction — What makes a goal fun while doing it? Or how can it be made fun?
Performance Success — What is so great about accomplishing the goal?

simon sinek stress passion quote

ACTIONS from Chapter 4

1- Fun level of goals on a scale of 1 ☹️ to 10 🙂.

Fun level= 8 Write 60k more words of Anah’s story (ANAH ON TENTERHOOKS) by August 2020.
Fun level= 8 Write 15k more words of high fantasy short story by Feb 2021.
Fun level= 7 Write 20k more words of WIGS tribal short story by April 2021.
Fun level= 9 Write 40k more words of the next Existence book by Sept 2022.
Fun level= 9 Write 90k more words of Alison Fantasy book by Sept 2023.

Fun level= 7 Enter 2 writing contests this year.
Fun level= 8 Complete my reading challenges half way for the year.
Fun level= 7 Comment on 20 blogs a month.
Fun level= 6 Tweet 5 diverse books a month.
Fun level= 7 Tweet 2 debut books a month.
Fun level= 1 Fix 13 blog posts a month from Photobucket broken links.
Fun level= 1 Unfollow 900 Tweeps by Aug.

2- Motivated by fear or reward?

Is it more fun and motivating for me to move to a positive or avoid a negative? Push failure away or pull myself toward victory?

Behavioral Approach: 69
Behavioral Inhibition: 86
You sometimes have a strong drive for completing important tasks, but you will often not be driven if you do not feel the task is important enough, however you actively seek out activities that will make you happy, including parties, hanging out with family and friends or even thrill seeking through sports etc… You also tend to be fairly impulsive.

Overall Score: 69
Drive: 42
Fun Seeking: 83
Reward Responsiveness: 80

You are very motivated by seeking reward for your behaviour. The offer of a reward (such as a promotion for working hard or winning a bet) will keep you motivated to complete difficult activities.

Overall Score: 86
Avoidance: 86
Your major motivation is to avoid things that you don’t like. This can mean organising your life to avoid activities you don’t enjoy, or to escape punishment or pain. You can also tend to be a fairly nervous person.

So toward a positive is at 80% and avoid a negative is 86%. No wonder I’m not sure! It’s neck and neck.

3- This is weird, but I find ____ fun?
Video game achievements.
Looking up space pictures.
Finding fun drawings on Pinterest.
Watching a movie.
Reading a book.
Hanging out in a tree.

4- Three small points of fun to add to goals.
Writing gets more fun thinking about it being published.
Picturing what my characters are like beyond the page is fun.
Looking up the space pic of the day is a good and fun reward.

orange flower

What do you think? Do my goals have a better chance of blooming with these changes?

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