May 29 2019

Giving Myself the Gift of Done Part 3

I read Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff.
My review is a different post. I’m going over the notes here, doing the actions from the book.

Chapter 5.

Hiding places let you get your perfectionism fix while avoiding your goal. Oh, that’s me playing a video game. Even an easy phone app. Just to get a badge and feel better about myself for ten minutes. That’s a hiding place? Well, it’s not productive and doesn’t contribute to my named goals. Feels like a mental health break. IDK.

Identifying other hiding places:

Where I “accidentally” go.
Twitter. Pinterest. Outside.
Yeah, I’ll sit down to do a goal, and suddenly find I’m outside headed toward trees. Whoops.

And any multi-step reasons to go do these things?


Twitter. Social media! That’s where I build an audience.
Pinterest. Inspiration!
Outside. My mind needs to clear.

Family and health is a commitment. I get to keep those. Yay!
(I’m writing this while watching our niece. Regular readers of this blog might notice the short sentences and the fact that I probably sound distracted. It’s because I am.)

New ideas trying to take over, making me postpone the current goal? Yup. That’s very much a problem I have. The book suggests not starting the new project until finishing one. I want to try that.

Noble Obstacles

“I can’t complete this goal until something.”

Yeah, I do that. I can’t publish this until (insert number of edits, which is after dozens of rounds of edits.) Or I say I’ll wait to publish until closer to A to Z or NewAsh or whatever. It took a LOT for me to finally hit the publish button on Fractions of Existence. I still had one more Beta reader, who had been paid, that I didn’t hear back from. (Instead of a refund, I’m supposed to get a book review. But, from what I’ve heard, he still hasn’t read it. Imagine if I opted to wait? Yikes.)

Could any of my current goals/ projects be easier or simpler?

Writing, not really. (Maybe one scene at a time??) Reading goals, not really. I simplified blog commenting by keeping folders of bookmarks so I’m not hunting down favorites (“open all”). I really don’t know how to make fixing blog images easier, but maybe I’ll find one? And Twitter unfollowing I already picked an easier way in the prior two posts.

Eliminate side goals

  • Enter 2 writing contests this year.
  • Tweet 5 diverse books a month.
  • Tweet 2 debut books a month.
  • Fix 13 blog posts a month from Photobucket broken links.
  • Those are all side goals related to my Noble Obstacles. They are things I want to do because I believe they’re useful. Writing contests get my name out there. Tweets make me active in the community (and it feels good to do good for others). And the blog posts fixing is my own vanity because I paid for a service that went all “mobster” and suddenly quadrupled their rates and I’m ashamed that I couldn’t pay the “ransom” money and had picked Photobucket in the first place.

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  1. I like your ambition. I really should write down more rather than just storing things in my head.

    Arlee Bird
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