Jun 18 2019

Book Comparisons in Best Sellers in New Adult & College Fantasy

I was checking out the Amazon Best Sellers in New Adult & College Fantasy.

Goal image (NOT an actual screenshot.)

One of my big goals is to get Fractions of Existence on the top ten of this list one day.

By comparison, the top ten books when I looked:

  • Six were about an academy.
  • (There is an academy in the Existence series, but not until book three.)

  • All had characters with magic.
  • (One book has a character with abilities similar to those of the Existence series.)

  • One has a bounty hunter.
  • (Only the antagonists could be considered similar to bounty hunters in the Existence books.)

  • Series book one, the next is up for pre-order: 3
  • (Ohh… one day!)

  • A book in an already published series: 6

Benjamin Ashwood by AC Cobble
This seems like the nearest book to Fractions of Existence. Time to compare!

A simple life until exciting strangers show up — that’s what happens to Wend.
Leaves on an adventure without understanding what’s happening — Wend does that.
More dangerous than ever imagined — that’s an accurate description of Wend’s journey by the end of the book.
Encountering assassins on the journey to myths and legends — Wend’s journey in a nutshell.

More than one character’s life is in danger as the series unfolds — Yup.
“Against the backdrop of warring political, economic, and military factions, Ben and his friends battle a threat to all of mankind.” — Against the backdrop of warring political, economic, and military factions, Xavier and his kind battle a threat to all of mankind.
“Ben’s knowledge and skill grows, but he must decide if he will live under the control of the unscrupulous leaders who rule the land, flee from them, or break them.” — This is very near to what Wend will learn in book two, but going into detail is a spoiler!

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