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Jul 19 2012

A to Z whoops…

There is a fantastic gift from the April A to Z blog challenge. It’s a clickable thing that allows one to randomly skip from blog to blog. I used it myself for a while. I discovered wonderful new friends this way. There’s also a share button here on my blog, under each post. This allows …

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May 07 2012

Reflections and Evaluations – A to Z challenge 2012

1- The widget needs to reappear next year!             1b- However right or wrong, I generally spent less than 10 seconds on a blog where the latest post was a letter from several days ago. I know that not everyone can keep up. That life can get in the way. But there were so many people …

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Apr 30 2012

Z is for Zamboni

            I have driven quite a variety of vehicles in my life, from cars to forklifts, but one thing that I have not had the pleasure of driving yet is a Zamboni. There are a great many gears to get to know, because the function of this vehicle is not to …

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Apr 28 2012

Y is for Yo-yo

           When I was a child, I had an uncle with a sizable yo-yo collection. He enjoyed doing yo-yo tricks and taught me a few of them. What I would not find out for several years was the reason that his tricks worked on his yo-yos but not on the very …

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Apr 28 2012

X is for Xenophobia

            Contemplate with me if you will what it was like to board a ship to cross the ocean with the intention to relocate to a land that no one you knew or had heard of had ever explored before. Now imagine that you get to this new land and discover …

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Apr 26 2012

W is for What…

“What” questions with one word answers:   What do you get every time you go into Wal-mart?             Thirsty What do you see yourself doing in five years from now?             Writing What would you consider to be the most important aspects of this job?             Creativity What sound do you love?             Surf What’s …

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Apr 25 2012

V is for my Values

Loyalty: You value loyalty highly. You’re completely devoted to your friends and family. Even if they totally screw up, you’re still there for them. Just make sure they’re equally loyal to you! Generosity: You value generosity a fair amount. You are all about giving, as long as there’s some give and take. Supportive and kind, …

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Apr 24 2012

U is for The Last Unicorn

            My favorite children’s movie is The Last Unicorn. I watched it so much that the tape wore thin. (There was once a thing called the VCR, and it used videotapes, which wore out. They also required one to rewind the movie all the way back to the beginning before playing …

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Apr 23 2012

T is for Two-thirty-seven

            In “The Shining,” Jack investigates Room 237 where he encounters the ghost of a dead woman. The house number was 237 in the film Saw II. The list of places that this number creeps up is astounding! Or is it as much of a crazy coincidence as the number 23 in the …

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Apr 21 2012

S is for the Strangest (place you have ever brushed your teeth)

What is the strangest place that you have ever brushed your teeth?               The strangest place that I have ever brushed my teeth is in the backseat of a car two blocks away from where I was headed to meet a date. I used the free toothbrush and travel size toothpaste the dentist had …

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Apr 20 2012

R is for Reading now

Fiction books I am presently reading / Where my book marks are:

Apr 19 2012

Q is for personality Quiz

  The Loyal Friend Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who’s extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expects the same loyalty in return. Those who really get …

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Apr 18 2012

P is for Productivity

Question- Do you write more productively with people around (such as in an office or coffee shop) or in complete isolation?   My Answer- I am more productive in complete isolation. I prefer to separate myself from distractions, seeking out others only when I need a break or when I am in the editing stages. …

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Apr 17 2012

O is for Omnivorous

            I choose to be an omnivore. That choice isn’t for everyone. Thousands of animals are killed every year, chopped up, and put into packages at grocery stores. The stores order this meat. They order it in a slight excess of projected sales because if they run out, their customers will …

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Apr 16 2012

N is for Northern Lights

A favorite desktop background of mine is of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, over a snow bank. I have never had the pleasure of seeing this phenomenon in person, but I would like to someday. Such fantastic beauty, art, and entertainment are provided for free to any who are fortunate enough to be at …

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Apr 14 2012

M is for Magazine

            My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly. This light and colorful periodical keeps me informed of the latest trends and keeps me from missing out on great books, movies, and television series that I might not have discovered otherwise. Recently they have given more attention to their book review departments and …

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Apr 13 2012

L is for Literacy site

            Teaching children to read is obviously important. If you are here reading this blog, the odds are pretty good that you learned to read somewhere along the way. Imagine if you couldn’t. Imagine a world without written words that you can understand. Literacy has been crucial to getting ahead for …

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Apr 12 2012

K is for Killjoy

            My favorite line in book one (Fractions of Existence) is Xavier’s reply of “Killjoy,” to Gwendolyn. I laugh every time I read it. There is something so light and natural about their witty banter with each other. At the outset, it seems like they would be nervous and awkward when …

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Apr 11 2012

J is for Jellybeans

            When I was a child, jellybeans were these thick candies with a sort of waxy coating that only appeared around Easter. The red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple ones were pretty good. The black ones were gross and green ones tasted like toothpaste.             In my late teens, I discovered Jelly …

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Apr 10 2012

I is for Ice-cream flavor

What Flavor Ice Cream are you? Mint Chip Mint Chip – ecstatic and full of glory. Adventurous and curious, you always want to be learning something new. Often this gets you into danger, but you take risks no matter what the odds are. Facebook quizzes, quiz apps & blog quizzes by You Are Chocolate Chip …

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