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May 03 2013

A to Z 2013 reflection post

Wow! This is the last post in this category on my blog.   I was number 376 when I signed up. Today I am 319. (Sad that so many blogs were removed along the way. I suppose many had to drop out. A round of applause is owed to the moderators who looked after such …

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Apr 30 2013


            Anthony stared at his hands for a long time, unable to believe that anything would happen. He felt so far below her. What could a man like him ever really offer to the world? This perfect Goddess spoke to him, she spoke of gifts and abilities. The truth that the …

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Apr 29 2013


            The King clapped his hands. “You see? A magnificent show! The beauty and wonder of my kingdom is endless.”             “She was unlike any other, Majesty. I would like to barter for time alone with her tonight,” Gulzar said.             “Oh no, not with that one,” the King said. “She …

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Apr 27 2013


            The brothers trekked through the desert under the blaring sun and heat heavy blasts of wind. They crossed over a high dune to find a lightning storm just ahead. They smiled and nodded to each other before proceeding toward the electric bursts.             At long last they stood beside their …

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Apr 26 2013

Wheedle -post redone to reduce spam

            The six stood at the gates. The army inside had thousands. It mattered not. One among the six was known to determine the course of any battle. That one grinned, eager to take the city.             “His hostage must be freed. We will not leave one of our own with …

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Apr 25 2013


            A fire danced through the desert. A broken trail of glass could be followed by the resolute. The blaze spun in a cyclone until it reached the glorious khamsin wind. A magnificent explosion of lightning sprinted with the accelerated air. The energy storm thoroughly enjoyed itself, up to the moment …

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Apr 24 2013


            “After all this time, I finally have some clue as to where my sister is. How could I not go to her?”             His heart suffered with every beat, for each tear she shed broke it more. “Take me with you! You know that we belong together.”             “I can …

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Apr 23 2013


            A slave should be taciturn. This wordy harridan was nothing but trouble! He would not have her in his house a moment longer. His long slender finger pointed to the door.             “Please do not take her away!” The pleas of his new wife annoyed him almost as much as …

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Apr 22 2013


            The maidens grinned and giggled as the handsome man approached. He smiled, removed his top hat, and bowed. “Ladies,” he said in greeting. Giddy whispers and flushed cheeks abounded. He was stunning enough on an ordinary day, but dressed in this spectacular tuxedo he was down right ravishing. A rap …

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Apr 20 2013


            Anthony and Rebekha stared at each other in silence for a long time. The sun’s heat castigated them for their stillness. All around them it was quiet and still. Not a single grain of sand drifted.             Then, from over a sand dune, a bright light appeared. It drew closer …

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Apr 19 2013


            The woman was everywhere! Escape from the foul odor of her perfume became impossible no matter to which corner of his home he darted. She had thrown open his every window that morning before the dew had a chance to settle on the grass. A steady breeze whipped through the …

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Apr 18 2013


          If not for the propitious woman, all would have been lost. There would never be a way for the town to repay her generosity. That hardly mattered, for she would not have accepted any such gesture.             None could say what provoked the attack. It was not the whole country which …

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Apr 17 2013


          The King paced in his throne room as the brothers entered. His nostrils flared with each thunderous step. As he spun around, the edge of King’s robe struck the three alluring slave girls who cowered together on a floor pillow.             “Well? What is it? You have gained an audience. Speak …

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Apr 16 2013


            The alarm bell sounded. The authorities rushed down the streets. Madame Capun screamed and cried at the horrific image before her. Thick red liquid blanketed the area. A noxious stench polluted the air, for all that is normally stored within had excreted from the victim’s rear. Officer Potter said he …

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Apr 15 2013


            “What is he like?”             “He has a gentle smile and kind eyes,” the Baron said to his only daughter. It was an absurd answer to a ridiculous question. She was to wed the richest man in town. Since the moment the engagement was official munificent gifts had arrived twice …

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Apr 13 2013


            The Davies house was breeched through the basement at high night under a new moon. Discretion was of the utmost importance to this client. Ringing the bell on the porch of the manor was out of the question. A sharp tug given to the two thick leashes held by the …

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Apr 12 2013


            Anthony clung to Rebekha’s sleeve to keep from losing her. He wondered if the trek through the desert was a mistake. The goddess has promised him if he met her in the middle of April here in Egypt that the reward would astound him. She promised Anthony that he and …

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Apr 11 2013


            He flipped through the book his mother had sent over. He wished it were her idea of a joke. The inscription suggested the pages within would arouse and inspire him as he entered married life. Treacherous woman! She only yearned for him to create offspring so she could have another …

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Apr 10 2013


            “My sister did not die!”             A sound slap to the face knocked Joel to the ground. The angry man grabbed Joel’s arm and yanked him upright. That grip could easily snap wrist bones.             “She did, Sir! I swear it. She fell from the Malcombe Bridge. I tried to …

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Apr 09 2013


            “Bring her back at once!” the King bellowed. “She was my crown jewel. I own her. Find that slave girl and return her, intact, or I will have all of your heads on display at the gate!”             How dare she leave him! Had she no appreciation for his kindness, …

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