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Jun 16 2014

Celebrate Award Joy

Today my writing was awarded. I cannot, at this time, discuss the award. It is top-secret. I wish to thank those who honored me with the award. There is at least one person who has been to my blog before who will know what the award is – and to that person I tip my …

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Jun 15 2014

Sunday Seven of Citizenship to honor Native Americans and Fathers

A timeline to citizenship and voting rights   1630- Export of Native American slaves becomes a notable business and popular strategy to depopulate the land   1730- The number of Native American’s exported far exceeds the number of all other slaves imported to the Americas   1863- Emancipation Proclamation   1867- A record number of …

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Jun 13 2014

Express Yourself with one Adjective


Jun 08 2014

I can end a forename name for boys on this Sunday Seven list

A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?   Male first names that end with the letter “i”   Levi Dmitri Yuri Eli Giovanni Vasili Loki    

Jun 05 2014

The #amwriting #whywrite #process hop

The Writer’s Blog Hop — Mention the person who tagged you. Answer four questions. Tag three people. (Those three do the same on their blog.)   My thanks to Lisa M. Lilly for tagging me in this hop.   Lisa M. Lilly is an attorney and author. She lives in Chicago, where she serves as …

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Apr 30 2014

#atozchallenge Z is for Zealous

It is with great enthusiasm that I pursue recording the events that I have been assigned to keep track of. Xavier calls me zealous, once he stops pretending that I am crazy. We make private jokes about lobsters.   The truth, we decide, is best served up to the public under the category of fiction. …

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Dec 05 2013

I Light the Boxes on Fire

I read this article,  Publishing and Prejudice: 5 Female Writers Weigh in on Sexism in the Literary World, and I have to wonder… What happens if a writer is transgender? Which category do the hermaphrodite writers fit into?  Check the box for the stereotype and prejudices you are ready to face off against.  You know …

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Nov 30 2013

On Life

This is a good life. Everything isn’t perfect, but I’m happy anyway. Is it enough to appreciate the now? I should be upset by several setbacks this month has brought. Yet, here I am, at the end of November, and I’m alright. Here, in this moment, my life is the way I like it.

Oct 19 2013

Took a personality color quiz

you are violet#EE82EE Your dominant hues are red and blue. You’re confident and like showing people new ideas. You play well with others and can be very influential if you want to be. Your saturation level is lower than average – You don’t stress out over things and don’t understand people who do. Finishing projects …

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Sep 25 2013

Tell Us About Yourself

I was born. This is clearly a noteworthy accomplishment, as there is an annual party to celebrate it.  Life changed. I didn’t like the change, but I was young and had no control or real choices. I put pen to paper. I turned my feelings, my inner turmoil, into words that people enjoyed and were …

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Aug 28 2013

I am the featured author today


Aug 01 2013

Another We Want To Know Wednesdays

– – QUESTIONS – – {no. 1} What are three things you couldn’t live without (not including food, water, shelter, etc.)?    I absolutely need to be able to write. I prefer to use a computer, but I grew up using a pen and paper, and I would resort to etching with a stone if that’s the …

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Jun 28 2013

Blogger versus offline

So I came across this fantastic blog post about how a blogger personality and the real life person can be slightly different. This feels very true to me. I decided to create a similar post. See the original by clicking the image:   Blogger J Lenni Dorner wears professional outfits. Offline J is in pajamas …

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Jun 26 2013

Want to know Wednesday

– – QUESTIONS – – {no. 1} What are a few things on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year? I hope to plan to move from my current place into a house with multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, room for an office, and with a decent sized kitchen.  {no. 2} What would …

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Jun 13 2013

Feedback on me PART 5

Me.   What would you like to know? What do you need to know? Alright, how about if I just fill in a character sketch? I have these for every one of my fictional people!   Character Sketch   Character Name: J. Lenni Dorner Nickname: J Birthday: Aug 21 Birthplace: Pennsylvania Character Role: Main Character… …

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Jun 12 2013

Feedback on me PART 4

Me.   What would you like to know? What do you need to know? Alright, how about the answers I gave to some unusual questions:   If I didn’t know how old was and thereby had to guess my age, I would put myself either in my mid twenties or my late forties. It is …

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Jun 11 2013

Feedback on me PART 3

Alright, how about this:   I am J. Lenni Dorner. I am of Lenni Lenape decent, which is a Native American tribe. My people believe that a name holds great power, so very few ever know our true names! You can just call me J. I have lived in several places. The people of one …

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Jun 10 2013

Feedback on me PART 2

Me.   What would you like to know? What do you need to know?     Perhaps just a timeline would do? How’s this?    

Jun 09 2013

Feedback on me PART 1

Me.   What would you like to know? What do you need to know?   I have been contemplating writing this post for about two months now. It has been suggested that I should have some small about-me-blurb on the sidebar here, and possibly a paragraph long section on one or both of my web-sites. …

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Jun 29 2012

Part 4 of the Interviewed by My Characters series

Part 4 of the Interviewed by My Characters series   (For a full explanation of what’s going on here, please scroll or use the categories feature to get to the first interview.) Thank you @Melissa_Foster for the #LedByMyCharacters inspiration.   Anonymous enters. She has a way of putting me at ease. If anyone might speak …

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