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Oct 07 2014

Expressing Scary Movies and Books

    I should point out that I do not scare easily. I’m the one in the movie theater laughing at those of you who jump when Freddy, Jason, Mike, Chucky, or Hannibal show up when you (you, not me) least expect it.   However, there was a scene in the movie The Devil’s Advocate …

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Oct 02 2014

Express One Love of Autumn

    Confession: I’m a leafer.   Alright, I’m not as bad as some of the other leafers out there. I have never taken a long trip in order to see fall foliage. This is probably because I grew up with it in my own backyard. The way all the leaves change from green into …

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Sep 26 2014

October 2014 goals post – hop toward autumn

  Here’s something about culture, about how our society seems to be:   We measure our progress and our success based on how well it advances our independence.   It starts with babies. The milestones of interest are largely holding a bottle, walking, talking, and using the potty. Each of these propels a person toward …

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Sep 21 2014

Sunday Seven and Underrated Treasures

I decided to combine my Sunday Seven list with my seven underrated song picks for Alex’s blogfest. Song – Artist – Line(s) I love 1- Dog Eared Page – The Matches – “I’ve got these friends in quotes and girls with asterisks.” 2- Tremendous – Girlfriend (Local Band out of NY) – “Tell me, tell …

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Sep 12 2014

Where I read and write

  I’m a fan of reading on the couch. Or, in the case of Kindle books, reading in bed and in the bathroom.   Writing though… I suppose the actual work is done sitting at my desk. But a special place, where a pen meets the page and the words become illegible as they pour …

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Aug 30 2014

September 2014 goals and reviews

your favorite unknown MOVIE – BAND/ARTIST – TV SHOW – BOOK

Regular readers of these goal posts know that my last two weeks of July were sucked up with an unexpected life detour. Well, unfortunately, much the same can be said for a majority of August.   I’m adding “survival” to my big main goals. I’m still here now, though the same couldn’t be said for …

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Jul 31 2014

August 2014 goals

August 2014 goals Another month has gone by already. I lost the last two weeks of July due to an unexpected life detour. Nevertheless, it is time to have a look at how I did with my goals:   Here’s my current goals and review of goals from the past:   The BIG MAIN GOAL: …

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Jul 28 2014

Express Yourself My Precious

  Andy Serkis

Jul 03 2014

Express Yourself with a Childhood Toy

Megaminx It might seem strange, but this is what I took with me on long car rides, out to dinner to places where people sit around for an hour before eating, and to the homes of relatives that had no children and thus no toys. This is much like a Rubik’s Cube, except that it’s …

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Jun 27 2014

Midway Through This Year Goals

Half the year is gone! Can I remain on track for the next half? Thanks to my participation in this hop, I believe that I can. So here’s my current goals and review of goals from the past:   The BIG MAIN GOAL: Publish two decent-selling book series   2014 Goals: Publish something every week …

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Jun 23 2014

Express Your Latest Read and I am 9 on the blog of @TwiterHero

Children’s: BEARS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 7) by Emma Child I hate writing reviews of books that I do not love. I would give this a 3 out of 5 stars. It is alright, but in my opinion, they editor fell a bit short. There’s a certain …

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Jun 19 2014

Express Yourself with a Scary Movie

1h33m38s Granted, I saw this movie when I was younger, so that is probably what freaked me out. Well, that and the “based on a true story” stuff. Horror movies in general do not freak me out. Most make me laugh.  

Jun 13 2014

Express Yourself with one Adjective


Jun 09 2014

Express Your Favorite Games

Fav video games: Civilization V, Sims 2, Fable II, Morrowind, Words with Friends, DrawSomething Board Games: Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Loaded Questions, Cranium  

Jun 05 2014

The #amwriting #whywrite #process hop

The Writer’s Blog Hop — Mention the person who tagged you. Answer four questions. Tag three people. (Those three do the same on their blog.)   My thanks to Lisa M. Lilly for tagging me in this hop.   Lisa M. Lilly is an attorney and author. She lives in Chicago, where she serves as …

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May 19 2014

Express Yourself with a Celebrity Twin

Once upon a time in the 1990’s, between the Boyd movie theater and Scarlett O’Hara’s club in Bethlehem, PA, there was a music shop. (I’ve forgotten the name.) The woman who worked there at night looked like Julia Roberts. She had the Pretty Woman hair. She even had the same laugh. Naturally, she didn’t see it. …

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May 05 2014

Express Yourself on page 89

FICTION: Beneath it is a sketch of a bird in flight. “It’s a raven,” a voice behind me says. DIVERGENT   NON-FICTION:

May 03 2014

The Writer’s Voice Bloghop Entry of 250 Words and My Query

   According to the email I received this morning, I made it in to “The Writer’s Voice” blogfest. The first 250 words of my manuscript, and general query, are posted below for that purpose.     FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE   Written by J. Lenni Dorner   CHAPTER 1 To ask Jane Myers how she was …

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Apr 27 2014

Small celebration time

  Today I’m celebrating four small things, all blog related! I have the last of the A to Z challenge posts written and scheduled. (I LOVE my Z post… muuuahhhaaahaaha.) I have everything set up on my new blog. All that’s left is getting my tags over here. Then I can cancel my QBC and …

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Mar 17 2014

Express Yourself Hop Writing Advice #writetip

Here’s one that I have hanging up on my desk. It’s at least a decade old, but still great advice. Enjoy!

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