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May 23 2016

Book Tour for Endless by Misha Gerrick @MGerrick1

About the Book   “First, do no harm.” Blake Ryan swore that oath to become a doctor. Ironic, given that he spent most of his thousand year life sucking souls out of other immortals. Things are different now. Using regular shots of morphine to keep his inner monster at bay, Ryan has led a quiet …

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Apr 10 2016

Squid’s Grief by DK Mok

Title: Squid’s Grief Author: DK Mok Genre: Cyberpunk Noir Release Date: March 8, 2016 Formats: Paperback & Ebook Description: In the seething metropolis of Baltus City, car-hacker Squid is desperate for a fresh start. She dreams of a normal life and a respectable job, where retirement comes with a pension plan, not an exit wound. …

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Nov 18 2015

777 Challenge during NaNoWriMo

I’ve been invited to this challenge by my writer friend Sarah of The Old Shelter. @JLenniDorner Hi there ^_^ Do you fancy a little challenge? — JazzFeathers (@JazzFeathers) November 17, 2015 For NaNoWriMo this year I’m working on several projects. (This is happening as often as my health allows. My word count is only …

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Apr 26 2015

Portrait of a Lone Wolf by @Katalina_Leon #Book Tour #BookReview #FirstReads #NewToYouRC

Book Info   Series: Black Hills Wolves Book: Portrait of a Lone Wolf, Novella, #7 Publisher: Decadent   Book Blurb   A mixed-blood Native American wolf-shifter, abandoned by a teenage mother and ignored by an absentee father, Rio Waya has never fit in or felt worthy of love. But when he comes home to the …

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Apr 12 2015

Giveaway and Hunt for Valamon by DK Mok interview book blog tour

What a fantastic, colorful, and eye-catching cover that is! “When Crown Prince Valamon is impossibly taken from the heart of Algaris Castle, the only clue as to motive or culprit is the use of unknown sorcery. Reclusive cleric Seris is happily tending to his book-infested temple until he finds himself drafted–for political reasons–to the rescue …

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Jan 23 2015

Author P A DePaul Blog Tour for the Book Exchange of Fire includes a Contest Giveaway

About the Author P.A. DePaul is a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense. She originally hails from Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. She currently resides in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia. Exchange of Fire is the first novel in the SBG …

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Mar 24 2014

A favorite character

If I select one of my own characters for this, the others will murder me in my sleep. Or, worse, they’ll shut up, because they know how I feel about the silent treatment. (Only writers can talk about imaginary people like this without sounding totally crazy.)             My favorite character from …

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Feb 26 2014

Cameras, Villains, and #MSWL wishes

**Note– I did NOT think about the auto-post networked feature when I titled this. I am sorry to those who surfed here expecting anything other than my wishing my fellow writers well wishes on this #mswl day. Serious “facepalm” moment on my part. I would untweet if I could. I’d change the title now, if …

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Sep 25 2012

Guest Interview with Ia- Author of Sydney’s Song

Did you always know the book would be called Sydney’s Song, or were some other titles considered? No. At the start the title was “Once Upon 131500”. I changed it five times as the story grew, but in the end, still I wasn’t happy. Two friends who didn’t know each other eventually suggested “Sydney’s Song”. …

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