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Oct 24 2017

#StorytimeBloghop Grim Reapers on a Field Trip #FlashFiction #SFF Grim Reapers on a Field Trip by J Lenni Dorner “Good morning, class,” my teacher, Ms. Anubis, prowls in, speaking without looking up from her tablet. “All thirteen permission slips are signed. Today is your first field trip through the Veil. I trust everyone has studied their marks. Is everyone in costume?” She …

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Jul 05 2017

An Antagonist Honey-Do List

Thanks to Tyrean Martinson who offered this writing prompt. Writing Prompt: If the villain/antagonist of your story created a “honey do” list, what would be on it? Does your villain/antagonist have a significant other? The villain/ antagonist in my story is actually a group of people (unless you want to go into the subplots of …

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Jun 20 2017

Bridges #WEPFF #FlashFiction Reverse Poem

Write Edit Publish Here’s a book with the word bridge in the title: Rook (Bridge & Sword: Awakenings #1): Bridge & Sword World by JC Andrijeski A covered bridge in my region: Lehigh Valley, PA — covered bridges Bogert Covered Bridge — Fish Hatchery Rd. Allentown, PA 18103 USA The oldest bridge in Lehigh County, …

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May 29 2017

Using Character Archetypes

There’s a great blog post about Lesser Known Archetypes over at I examed my Fractions of Existence book to see how I used these. The Penitent – “that character who’s seeking cleansing, forgiveness, and redemption from a dark past” In Fractions of Existence, that archetype is represented by Xavier. The trouble is, Xavier doesn’t …

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Apr 26 2017

#storytimebloghop Journal Of Anah #fiction #sff

BONUS CONTENT! The following is for the #storytimebloghop. Anah mentioned (in the U post) that she wrote a journal entry about something that never happened. That entry is the flash fiction post below. Enjoy. Story title: Journal of Anah Author: J Lenni Dorner This never happened. What I know about physics strongly suggests that this …

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Apr 18 2017

P #AtoZChallenge Hunger Pangs #Fiction #SFF #WEPFF

If you are only here for the #WEPFF, please scroll to the dove at the song portion of today’s post. My THEME for the A to Z challenge 2017 is an ongoing speculative fiction story featuring telepathy. Each letter post is titled and inspired by a commonly misused word or phrase. The story started with …

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Feb 14 2017


THE CUBE AT THE BACK OF THE DRAWER by J Lenni Dorner I realize now that I made a terrible mistake. *** Emily, with her strawberry curls that smell like candy and sunshine, bounces into my room. “Hayden,” she says, “you’re gonna improve my life today.” She doesn’t ask for favors. Fallux House, which now …

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Dec 21 2016

#WEPFF #FlashFiction Short Story of a Utopian Dream turned Dystopian Nightmare

A Bigly Wish of Will By: J Lenni Dorner William turned off his computer. He strolled to the balcony door to shut and lock it, but paused to look up at the night sky. “That’s what I want,” he said to the first star he spotted. “Star of light, oh star so bright, please grant …

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Oct 28 2016

Nightmare Before Nanowrimo – Goals, Book Reviews, and Flash Fiction for Spooktoberfest

Bucket List.     2016 Goals: Have 6500 Twitter followers ~ currently at 6334 — UP 47 from last month Download the update for my blog theme Keep Supporting Diverse Books Be part of 4 blog hops/fests. Participate in at least 2 #OABookClub reads Rewrite and edit my urban fantasy novel, then get the new …

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Oct 23 2016

Seeking Query Feedback

It is so much easier to spot the errors of others. I’ve gotten quite good (I hope) at helping other writers improve their query letters. Today, I offer an opportunity to turn the tables. Long-time followers of this blog have seen bits of my query letter attempts and excerpts of FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE, so there’s …

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May 01 2016

The Other Story from Pen name JavaInMe #WriteClub2016

Pen Name: JavaInMe Age Group: Adult Genre: Sci-fi Word Count: 496 words Partisan Conquerors from Epsilon Eridani X Sniderk settled in as the Mandatory Viewing Recap came on. A translator spoke for a bruised human male. “We were on our usual and approved route. They waited for us there. We walked through them. What choice …

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Apr 28 2016

#atozchallenge X is 10 #Writing #WritingPrompt Idiom War and #azchat reminder

Click for my theme details 26 writing reference books containing 26 lessons leads to a month of #WriteTips and writing samples X is 10 in Roman numerals Book: 10 Step Creative Writing Activity book: Command your Imagination by Tiffany Hilliard My dice roll: 16 (ebook location out of 21) Lesson: Idiom War writing prompt activity …

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Apr 02 2016

#atozchallenge B is for Bruce Ballenger – Discovering the Writer Within #freewrite @curiouswriting @barryLane

Click for my theme details  26 writing reference books containing 26 lessons leads to a month of #WriteTips and writing samples B is for “Bruce Ballenger” and “Barry” Book: Discovering the Writer Within: 40 Days to More Imaginative Writing by Bruce Ballenger and Barry Lane @curiouswriting @barryLane My dice roll: 158 Lesson: Freewriting for 35 …

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Jan 24 2016

690 words of Flash Fiction

I entered a story over at Operation Awesome’s Flash Fiction contest. It’s 690 words long. Check it out! Mint Heaven Chip By J Lenni Dorner @JLenniDorner In the end, memories are all we have. Memories are all we might take beyond our graves. It was the end of our summer trip, thirty years ago, when …

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Oct 22 2015

In The Dark #Poem #WEPFF

I recall this one black horse that would not be broken. You know all those movies and TV shows today that show some black Hell-beast of a horse? Red eyes, smoke from the nostrils, breaks down the fence? This was that horse, but it was real. I remember watching someone trying to break it. He …

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Aug 21 2015

My #WEPFF Spectacular Settings hosted by @DeniseCCovey and @YolandaRenee Entry #fantasy writing

The first task is to share a setting that stopped my heart. This song feels like a poem set to music, and is partly about a setting: This speaks to me because it is so vivid. I feel like I’m there, in Australia, seeing what he sees. The second task option is to share a …

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Oct 29 2014

Thinking Ahead for my #NaNoWriMo story

I have briefly outlined my story. It is no more than two pages that remind me when the major events have to happen by, really. However, from that outline, I have the concept that will one day be turned into a query. (Gut-wrenching at the idea of writing one of those again. Ugh.) So I …

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Oct 24 2014

Vanilla Virus #spooktoberfest14 Flash Fiction

    Vanilla Virus   There is a commotion outside my chamber door, and I find myself armed only with a quill. I try to ignore the noise, but the pounding is knocking the books from their shelves. I’ve run low on space to dodge these heavy dangers. My back is pressed to the wall. …

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Aug 24 2014

Birthday Sunday Seven

A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?   The seven WORST ways to spend your birthday:   At a funeral. (Yours or a loved one’s.) In the hospital as a patient, particularly in quarantine or in very long surgery. At a wedding of someone you love in …

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Jul 07 2014

Descriptive Writing Challenge – Bring On the Nouns and Verbs

Leave your attempts, or links to your attempts, in the comments! 

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