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Oct 31 2016

Possessed #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Possessed Insanity would be an easier plea.

Oct 30 2016

Poison #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Poison Absorbed or ingested. Best to avoid.

Oct 29 2016

Bubble, Bubble #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Bubble, Bubble Won’t happen if you watch it.

Oct 28 2016

Nightmare Before Nanowrimo – Goals, Book Reviews, and Flash Fiction for Spooktoberfest

Bucket List.     2016 Goals: Have 6500 Twitter followers ~ currently at 6334 — UP 47 from last month Download the update for my blog theme Keep Supporting Diverse Books Be part of 4 blog hops/fests. Participate in at least 2 #OABookClub reads Rewrite and edit my urban fantasy novel, then get the new …

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Oct 28 2016

Full Moon #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Full Moon Fully viewable while illuminated by sunlight.

Oct 27 2016

In The Cemetery #StoryPrompt #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory Writing Prompt

In The Cemetery I was born here. Yes, really.

Oct 26 2016

Ghost Child #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Ghost Child Once popular, now feared, thus angry.

Oct 25 2016

Widow’s Curse #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Widow’s Curse Wearing black — the price for freedom.

Oct 24 2016

Goblins #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Goblins Gabby Goblin gobbled gobs of globs.

Oct 23 2016

Seeking Query Feedback

It is so much easier to spot the errors of others. I’ve gotten quite good (I hope) at helping other writers improve their query letters. Today, I offer an opportunity to turn the tables. Long-time followers of this blog have seen bits of my query letter attempts and excerpts of FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE, so there’s …

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Oct 23 2016

Mr. Bones #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Mr. Bones Young boys always ask about boners.

Oct 22 2016

Séance #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory #AdHumor

Séance VISA- death doesn’t take American Express.

Oct 21 2016

It’s Alive! #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory #GenderbenderCostume

It’s Alive! Costume causes a reporter’s pronoun #fail. This is my favorite of the collection. The “Cruella De Vil Genderswap” search had fantastic image results. I knew as soon as I wrote the six words that this was what I wanted to make the meme with because that’s a fantastic villain to fill in here.

Oct 20 2016

Dracula #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Dracula Real enough to be defended openly.

Oct 19 2016

Sleepy Hollow #coffee #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Sleepy Hollow Ironic name for a coffee orchard.

Oct 18 2016

Wicked #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Wicked Sometimes defense goes too far, yes?

Oct 17 2016

Black Cat #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Black Cat Feared by the breeders of rats.

Oct 16 2016

Beware #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

Beware The sign should have been specific.

Oct 15 2016

In The Shed #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory zombie humor

In The Shed A grave outline of the shovel.

Oct 14 2016

The Fog #PFSixWordChallenge #SixWordStory

The Fog Clouds will fall, but not Heaven.

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