Debut Authors

@JLenniDorner is the Interviewer for the Operation Awesome blog Debut Author Spotlight on Wednesdays
A debut author is someone who is publishing a book for the first time. Previous inclusions in anthologies do not count against you. Sometimes authors also make a debut in a different genre or by using a new name.
All publishing methods are acceptable. Traditional, small press, indie, whatever.
Now open to ALL genres.
Aim for an interview within four weeks of your publication date.
The book must be available for purchase or pre-order via an online venue. (Yes, you should absolutely support your local bookshop… but Operation Awesome reaches people from all over, and most of them aren’t up for traveling 10 states away to buy your book.)
Highly recommend having your online persona established beforehand. A website and a social media presence are beneficial.
Expect to be asked approximately 20 questions. Most of them will be to get the audience to connect with you.
There will be questions like: What motivates you to buy a book, is there is diversity in your book, and how did you pick your publication route. The last question will ask if you have a blurb or excerpt, and if you have a brief bio and social media links.

Spread the word about your interview. This is a free publicity opportunity.
First come, first serve. One interview per week. (Except during special OA events.)
Operation Awesome is NOT a book review blog.

My preferred method of contact is @JLenniDorner on Twitter. If you absolutely must use email, it’s the exact same name on gmail. I strongly suggest that you contact me via Twitter.
*Also :
If you put links and pics in gmail, it converts them. I’m not an expert enough to figure out some simple way to fix that. If you put images in a Microsoft Word document, I have to copy them into paint and then upload them.

If you put a link in Twitter’s DM, it’s still a link. And the image gives me all the options I need to move it to the OA blog. It’s called THE EASY WAY. I like the easy way. Try it. Come to the dark side…

PLEASE don’t give me a hyperlink. Unless you’re sending a .txt file with all the HTML coding for Blogger, it isn’t going to work. Give me the links, I’ll do the hyperlinking for you.

I look forward to getting to know you! Please tweet me with any additional questions.

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