Mar 19 2013

My Unpopular View

Can it be considered Muslim lit if a Christian wrote it?

Can it be filed under young adult if a senior citizen wrote

Can it be Hispanic lit if an Asian wrote it?

Can it be classified as homosexual romance if a heterosexual
wrote it?

Can it be special needs lit if someone without a disability
wrote it?

Can it be called chick lit if a man wrote it?


The last question was asked by Beth Johnson on page 70 of Entertainment Weekly in the Book Review section. (“The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat”
by Edward Kelsey Moore – March 15, 2013 issue #1250.)


There was an argument made that all writings by female
authors would be considered chick lit. I can think of a dozen examples off the
top of my head that prove that this simply is untrue.


But why is the classification acceptable? A web search of
the slang definition for chick indicates that it is an offensive or derogatory
term for a young lady. Perhaps then the other questions above are not offensive
enough? I can think of words to substitute for Muslim, young adult, Hispanic,
homosexual, and special needs which would be offensive or derogatory.


There is a word which starts with N
that has been strongly debated. It was suggested that the power of the word is
diminished when the ethnic group which it was applied to used it themselves. It
is also asserted that anyone not of that ethnicity should not be allowed to use
that word.


What about chick? Is that word acceptable now? Are only
females allowed to use it? Does this mean that males at publishing houses are
not permitted to speak of certain projects which fall into that genre? Are male
authors forbidden to write in that genre? Are all female authors now
automatically put into that genre?


It isn’t about the books, the stories, the authors, or the
readers. It’s a question of the floodgate being opened just a little bit, and
the drip working its way to dangerous territory.


I suppose I will end this inquiry here for now. After
all, I’m way behind on reading my obese lit by svelte authors.

Mar 10 2013

Earth hour ideas wanted

Hello from Heath!


Earth hour– a mini holiday I can really get behind! For
those who don’t know me yet, I am the muscle bound hero of the Existence series
with the brains to match the brawn. I’m the one with the knee-melting kisses,
the one who is called to fulfill secret fantasies, and the one who is known for
those bragged about brief trysts. My passion extends beyond the bedroom for
environmental causes. (And no, I am not just referring to crazy-hot moments involving
the kitchen, shower, rooftop, nightclub, beach, …etc.) I would love to hear
your idea on how to celebrate today. What could you do to help the world that will
only take an hour and is free?


Just asking isn’t enough? You want a reward? Alright-
intrigue me with an idea and make a suggestion as to what I could give you.
(Keep in mind I’m a character in book.) Remember- Earth Hour happens on March
23, so get your comment in the box below before then. 

Mar 08 2013

Hi post

@JLenniDorner silhouette

For those who are dropping by just to say “hi” or to mention that you are now following me, please feel free to leave your comment here on this post. Thank you.

(( Example comment: “I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!” ))

If you are having difficulty removing your email from my list, you may also contact me here.

Feb 27 2013

Valentine 2013 Xavier and Wend

Dear blog


I have been
inspired by a fantastic event this month!

I encourage all
of you to check out the Love Letters and Lattes blog hop.
 In the meantime, enjoy these four posts, which are based on the theme of that



J. Lenni Dorner



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The following is an excerpt currently slated to be in Proof of Existence- Book 2 of the Existence Series. Xavier and Wend are typing these replies to each other in this scene.

Feb 22 2013

Valentine 2013 Jezebel

Dear blog


I have been
inspired by a fantastic event this month!

I encourage all
of you to check out the Love Letters and Lattes blog hop.
 In the meantime, enjoy these four posts, which are based on the theme of that



J. Lenni Dorner



RAFFLECOPTER giveaway is on the Feb 27 blog “Valentine 2013 Xavier and Wend

The following could have been written either before or during Fractions of Existence- Book 1 of the Existence Series.

Feb 17 2013

Valentine 2013 Caleb to Heath

Dear blog


I have been
inspired by a fantastic event this month!

I encourage all
of you to check out the Love Letters and Lattes blog hop.
 In the meantime, enjoy these four posts, which are based on the theme of that



J. Lenni Dorner



RAFFLECOPTER giveaway is on the Feb 27 blog “Valentine 2013 Xavier and Wend

The following would have been written many years before the opening scene of Fractions of Existence- Book 1 of the Existence Series. Both Caleb and Heath would be 12 years old at the date of this journal entry.

Feb 14 2013

Valentine 2013 Wend to Xavier

Dear blog


I have been
inspired by a fantastic event this month!

I encourage all
of you to check out the Love Letters and Lattes blog hop.
 In the meantime, enjoy these four posts, which are based on the theme of that



J. Lenni Dorner



RAFFLECOPTER giveaway is on the Feb 27 blog “Valentine 2013 Xavier and Wend

The following would
have been written in Wend’s diary during Fractions of Existence- Book 1 of
the Existence Series
, as part of her pirate fantasy. (*Notes* – There are no
actual pirates in the first book. This two page diary entry is mentioned in the
story, but not revealed. )

Feb 06 2013

A note about captcha word verification

April 24, 2014
As Quick Blogcast is shutting down, this post is no longer relevant.
Quick Blogcast shuts down image

line break image

I asked last year if the captcha feature could be turned off. The answer I was given by the web-host was no. This answer still holds true. Someone else has asked in the support forums, and also got an answer of no. It was also asked and denied in another post. Please try to understand that I did not request this feature, that I would turn it off if I could, and that I do not know another way around this. I have no intention of relocating my blog because, other than this issue, I am exceedingly happy with the ease of use and features this provider offers.

Captcha phrases at the bottom of your published articles for visitors to comment on, this feature cannot be removed or otherwise disabled.”

Unfortunately, there is not a way to remove the required use of the CAPTCHA code.”

Please help to give me (and others) a choice!

UPDATE: March 31, 2014 — Still a no.
another no image

Jan 26 2013

Party time for C.M. Stunich

Calling fellow authors and bloggers! Want to get some extra exposure? Connect with some new literary specialists (readers)? Well, C.M. Stunich has an event coming up on the 2nd of February and is looking for anyone that would like to donate swag/ebooks. You can have your books/blurbs featured and whatever links you’d like highlighted in exchange for your donation! Contact C.M. Stunich”
Yours truly, J Lenni Dorner, will take part in this!

Where is the party? On Facebook! (Contact C.M. Stunich for an invite if the link fails.)

They’re giving away tons of prizes such as: free eBooks, MP3 packages, gift baskets and gift cards to celebrate the release of Finding Never. It’s the second book in the series. If you need book one, click!

Jan 23 2013

7-7-7 game

Thanks to Maria Sadowski for tagging me in the 7-7-7 game. I love this stuff! The rules state an author must go to either page 7 or 77 of their current WIP. Count down 7 sentences and then copy the next 7 sentences for your post. 

(Find the original post on Facebook at

7 never-before-seen
lines from page 77 of “Proof of Existence” – Book 2 of the Existence

shrugged. “I have a few degrees.”

wicked smart,” Xavier said in a Bostonian accent which caught Wend’s
attention. She let out a tiny whimper of desire which caused Xavier and Heath
to produce sexy half smiles in unison.

freed herself from Jun and Caleb’s hug. The flames in the rooms subsided. She
came over and knelt by Wend. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more.”

Jan 11 2013

New Year Blog Hop Winner

Congrats to Mel B!


Jan 08 2013

Word of the day

friamily – /fream-(ə)lē/ – 1) Friends who are bonded so closely and for such a long period of time that they become ones family. 

Jan 07 2013

Comments and such from the New Year Blog Hop

Happy New Year to everyone who commented!This post is my reply to a few of the most notable comments. Thanks to everyone who dropped in!


maeclair – Glad
you enjoyed the post! Great to meet you. For your guest book comment: I am so glad that you enjoyed
the trailer! In November 2011, I tweeted excerpts from the WIP as I created it.
My blog itself also has some interesting bits about a few of the characters
from my series. I might leave a more direct post at some point in the future.
Perhaps it is my love of Hitchcock and J.J. Abrams that keeps my mentions of
the book so very cryptic. Life needs a bit more mystery. (Though I’m sure
someone will point out that it isn’t the best sales tactic.)


Ann (Kyreadinggirl)
– Glad you liked my funny mini-story. I figured after all the captchas from a
blog hop, this would be amusing.


My to-be-read list grew quite a bit as well! I kept looking up books on Amazon
which intrigued me during this hop. After I had about 15 of them saved to my
wishlist… I realized that a family member had logged in to Amazon on my
computer and never logged out! I was on their wishlist instead of my own. Argh!


Tin (khriscc)
Glad you enjoyed! Is Tin a nickname, short for something nickname, or your
actual name- because I love it!


peach_hugs – Ah,
you didn’t read carefully enough! The monster beat me. LOL. Seriously though, I
have asked the hosting site company if there’s a way to turn them off. They
said there is not. I like the math ones. I also think the “click on the
cat/flower/etc” ones are far better and easier on the eyes!


Katie Amanda
You didn’t leave your email in your comment. It makes no matter to me, but I
know you can’t win the overall hop without it.


kvmatlock – Sorry
for the near scare! Have to watch out for us fiction writers that have dabbled
in the horror and fantasy genre. Probably should watch out for those of us with
actual swords on our walls and under our beds as well. [Note to zombies:
Swords don’t run out of bullets.]


deethomas291 – I
use Google Chrome when I blog hop. The rafflecopter tweet thing- there’s
usually a link that appears for 3 seconds after you post which reads “view
it on twitter.” Once one gets in the habit, it’s pretty easy to click
fast. That opens the tweet in a new window and ta-da, you’ve got your URL! If
this fails… find your tweet on twitter (the main feed page or your own page).
Move over to where the time stamp is. (Sometimes it has the date, sometimes it
says “10 sec” because you just posted it.) Click that. The tweet
opens and that’s your URL. Now you know and knowing is half the… uh oh, I’m
quoting an 80’s cartoon show again…


Ifightforlove36 – Why is it so much easier to lose keys,
pens, and minds than it is to lose weight?


koonie2888 – Ooh, adventure! Sounds like fun.


cristinegasser – I think I like your phrasing, but I’m
only mostly sure that you mean yourself. It’s possible you are from a culture
where polygamy is acceptable. You know, I haven’t seen any books from that
point of view… It might be interesting to read a romance where two or more
wives find a way to love each other. Can anyone name a good book which delved
into that topic?


~*Drea*~ – It occurred to me later that some of my
readers might not know that “the ball drop” is a reference to the New
York City Times Square celebration. Whoops.



M.C. bedsidelight – Glad you got the humor. I thought it
would be fun to do something short, sweet, and a bit different for this hop.



Jeannie Platt – Enjoy those books! I seem to spend a
lot of my reading time on magazines. I also have a habit of leaving books I’m
reading all over the house. (“OMG is that a book in J’s hand? Quick! There
must be some emergency to distract from this joy,” said the first person
in the house to catch me reading again. Ha ha. We did have two nice power
outages last year which allowed me to curl up by candlelight without
interruption. Yes, I’m the only fool who was happy about the blackout.) At
least I get a good reason to use all my awesome bookmarks! My favorite one
features Frodo and has the Ring of Power dangling from the end. My precious…


Carla planterofhope – That is a good goal which is harder to
keep than many realize.


JanD bituin76 – Some of them aren’t. The ones that have
pictures of tiny numbers on dirty walls taken with the blurred lens of cheap
decade old cameras however, I could do without. I feel that they have gotten
worse over the years instead of better, overall.


Mel bournmelissaa – I suggest Timothy Lake
in Pennsylvania (US).


jochibi – Sorry for confusing you. The blog
featured a humorous story where I was dreamer who battled a monster which
represented my feelings about captchas (the funny looking things which one
often needs to decipher in order to leave a comment on a blog post). I then
woke from the dream in time to see the New Year ball drop on television, which
is the most popular celebration event for the holiday in areas around New York City. I had
hoped to bring a bit of humor to the blog hop this time. I just felt like doing
something different. I’m that zebra that throws off the people who hear hoof
beats and expect to see horses.



Ann Roberts – On your
guestbook comment: Grab your torch and pitchfork! I understand about typos to a
point, but there are certain places that I feel someone should have caught
them. For example, I own a book for young adults where a curse word appears
because a character puts on a shirt… without the r in the word.


Ronda Tutt – On your
guestbook comment: That is so true! Hops can be long, so I suppose that is why
so many miss out on reading instructions and details. I try to keep my hop
posts short so that people feel less overwhelmed. Maybe next hop I should leave
a remark that anyone who doesn’t do a certain something will be punished… ha
ha, just kidding.

Jan 07 2013

Pet Peeve 1 What time is it

I am going to take a moment to vent a frustration I have. As some people do not know, there are multiple timezones in the world. It may be Monday where you are, but still be Sunday where someone else is. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS! Some of us are in the past.

I just felt that it needed to be said. Enjoy that clock. Remember Midway, Midway Islands, United States next time you wonder if the day is over for EVERYONE.

Jan 01 2013

New Year Blog Hop with Contest

            The sharp
blade swung through the air. “Die Captcha,” I screamed as I stabbed
at the fierce beast. My attempt was to no avail. The monster tore at my flesh
once again as it spoke the ever-changing language of its odious species. It taunted
me with strange symbols that it carved on my broken hands. Merciless was this
foul beast!

            At last my
salvation came. “Hon, wake up. It is two minutes to midnight. The ball is
going to drop soon.” Goodbye dream of woe. Perhaps we shall battle
again… next year.



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Dec 10 2012

This para blog hop FEATURES J LENNI DORNER

You probably remember Sydney’s Song writer Ia Uaro from the author interview on this blog in September. Now Ia’s blog features a NEVER PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED excerpt from Fractions of Existence! 
You don’t want to miss this.
Check out Ia’s blog post for the Parahop. 

Dec 01 2012

NaNoWriMo Win

Nov 03 2012

Happy NaNoWriMo

Oct 20 2012

Blurred Reality Blog Hop

Calling all writers of paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, horror and speculative fiction genres. This blog hop is for you. Letting imagination take flight to places unseen and sometimes, close to home. Where the creatures that go bump in the night wear masks and the humans who move among us might be more of a monster than we know.

What is Urban Fantasy?


Urban fantasy describes a work that is set
primarily in a city and contains aspects of fantasy. These matters may involve
the arrivals of alien races, the discovery of earthbound mythological
creatures, coexistence between humans and paranormal beings, conflicts between
humans and malicious paranormals, and subsequent changes in city management.


What makes the Existence series Urban Fantasy? Visit and watch the introduction video for clues!

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Oct 19 2012

Alpha Male Blog Hop


I present my character, Xavier, from the Existence series, with his thoughts on why he is the Alpha Male.

            It became
clear to me a decade or so ago, when Heath and I had entered puberty, that I
would need to be the Alpha Male. Heath’s strength and power could destroy us
all. For the greater good I have no choice but to lead. I must protect not only
the world, but him as well. He doesn’t want to embrace the darkness, to inflict
the pain, sorrow, and loneliness that he feels every moment of every day onto
the population of our planet.


            I recall
the first sparring match against my friend that I was able to win. Heath is
always an aggressive opponent. His every hit is mighty and his every miss
leaves behind an echoing thunderous boom. But on that day I was determined to
win the competition. It took creative thinking and persistence to wear him
down. Finally I had eroded away at him enough, and the win was at last


            Heath has
never felt like a true Beta to me though, even when he joined the math and
chess teams. I have always ensured that the macho side of his personality was
not neglected. We joined sports teams together and became captain and co-captain.
We took over the student government, which was easy since so many had learned
to turn to us and respect what we had to say. We were trusted, especially among
our female peers.


            Ah, the
ladies! By our senior year of high school they all wanted us. We chose those we
wished to have company with. That hasn’t changed. Our body language easily
expresses what we desire and the subconscious minds of our potential dates read
it with ease. Those who prove worthy of our attention are the most likely to
get it. It usually takes time. That’s fine by me, I am in no rush. I can
maintain my composure while calculating if a woman is worthy to take home to my
bed. Heath doesn’t share as high a standard or moral principle with me. His sex
drive gets the better of him, leading him to have several women every weekend.
Sometimes on weekdays as well! It is as if bedding women is the focus of his


            That ought
to be a secondary goal. Our primary goal must be the protection and betterment
of this world. That is why I started my company. The benevolent work I do,
those achievements, they are what matters most in the world. That is a worthy
ambition which deserves attention.


Heath does not see it this way because he reacts to how others see him now. He
feels that he has to be known for his success with the ladies. The approval
that he gets from that is what he seems to long towards. I prefer to give
approval than get it. I know who I am, I define my own success. I seek no petty
validation from others. Having any female I choose is wonderful, but it is not
what I ultimately want.


is one woman out there for me. I can not prove it, but I feel it. Memories that
are like the faded bits of dreams which appear in the moments between deep
slumber and eyes first fluttering awake- that is what I have of her. Though we
have yet to even meet, her life is what I truly care about. I would die to save
her from a moment of pain, sorrow, or regret. I would do anything to protect
her. After all, looking out for those who I love is the reason for my

Does Xavier make a good Alpha Male? Leave a comment with your opinion!

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Note from Carrie Ann:

Everything but the swag prize is international. COMMENT


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