May 07 2012

Friday Fiction: Kiss

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012

Fiction: Kiss

Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt


            He sat at
the bar watching as she twirled on the dance floor. That sparkling red dress of
hers had the most daring slits he had ever seen. Mark had told him that the
girls in New York
wouldn’t be like the ones back home, but never in his wildest dreams had he
expected to find one like her.

            His staring
was no longer going unnoticed. The song ended, and she strode straight over to
him like a fish on his line. Her hips swayed with each step, her forward leg
exposing itself as the shimmering fabric parted with her stride, her walk
hypnotizing him until at last she was a breath away.

man wants to buy my next drink,” she said to the bartender without
dropping her gaze from the man’s eyes.

makes you so sure of that?” he asked her as his fingertips grazed over the
ends of her volcanic red hair.

            She leaned
closer to him. His view of her cleavage had him half way to a coronary.
“Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll walk away. You aren’t the only one here
staring, you know.” She pulled his oversized Texas hat from his head and placed it on her

never known a lady so brazen as to just take a man’s hat or to presume that
he’d buy her a drink.”

I’ve never known a cowboy so bent on questioning my motives. Maybe you need to
be branded.” Her fingertips stroked the back of his neck. His eyes widened,
and he gasped as he suddenly felt a surge of heat ripple down his spine. He was
about to run, but then her lips were suddenly on his.

            There was a
sweetness that he had never tasted before. It put honey, sugar, and maple all
to shame. Then there was the warmth. He could taste the memories of hot summer
days riding across the back forty on Maggie, his very first horse. Damn he had
loved that mare! How was that thought in his head now? And how had it become a

            No sooner
could his mind form a question then it was decimated by yet another level of
her kiss. Her body was pressed against his now. He could feel her fingers on
his bare chest as she forced his shirt open right there in this public place
with the eyes of the crowd on them. She was certainly like no woman he had ever
known before.

            His hair
suddenly snapped to attention. Every last strand on his body was rigid and
upright. It took a moment to determine the cause. Her fingertips were circling
his nipples and giving off little bolts of static shocks. He wanted to pull
away. He wanted to make the pain stop. He wanted to button up his shirt and not
be turned into a peep show for the oversexed city folk.

            At least,
that’s what he kept trying to tell himself that he wanted. His body seemed to
have abandoned the sense and reason of his mind. His hands had landed firmly on
her rear and were prepared to defend this claimed territory for all it was
worth, which was surely a lot because it was the most amazing set of cheeks he
had ever known.

groping fueled her enthusiasm. Her kiss heated up even more. There was just
passion, energy, and power. This was not at all what it was like to kiss a mere
woman. No, this was what it must be like to kiss a bolt of lightning.

May 07 2012

Reflections and Evaluations – A to Z challenge 2012

1- The widget needs to reappear next year!

            1b- However
right or wrong, I generally spent less than 10 seconds on a blog where the latest
post was a letter from several days ago. I know that not everyone can keep up.
That life can get in the way. But there were so many people that it felt unjust
to devote time to those who were failing the challenge instead of giving
attention to those who were keeping up and earning it. So it would be great if
the widget also booted those out who had dropped out, or at least moved them to
the end of the click list.

I’m not sure that such a thing is possible. Probably not. I’m not the matrix.
Where’s Neo?


2- I loved playing along and getting to know other people. I
have a new folder in my browser bookmarks filled with the interesting blogs
that I found and plan to visit again.


3- LIKE BUTTON. I wish more blogs had them. I might not sign
in to every page to comment, but if there was a button/ icon that could be
clicked, I think that would be nice. I know I personally enjoy if someone stops
by my page and clicks the “Liked” option. 


Is there a universal way to get that on blogs? Or something
similar to it? I feel that it’s polite to click something so the writer knows
that I was there, that I acknowledge the work, and that I found it pleasing-
but in a way that only requires one quick click. Perhaps I spend too much time
on Facebook and Twitter with the Like and Favorite options. 

4- I don’t want it to end! I love having inspiration that is
shared with others. Small easy goals and deadlines give me motivation.


5- I was impressed by the number of participants that used
the word xenophobe for the letter x in the challenge. I figured that there
would be a lot of people talking about their x-rays or xylophones from
childhood, or turning into chemists to educate about xenon, or perhaps even
posting Xerox’s of butt cheeks. 


May 06 2012

Friday Fiction: Vine

I found this great site:

I decided to try a few of the prompts.


FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012

Friday Fiction: Vine

Write a brief bit of fiction using
the prompt “Vine.”



            The hog
pulled up in front of the biker bar. The rider was shorter than the other men
who were standing outside with their beers and cigarettes.

out the jacket on this one. Some jungle freak.”

            The rider
dismounted and glared through the helmet at the heckler before flipping him

you wanna have go?”

            The rider
nodded and took a step forward. The heckler broke his beer bottle and pointed
it toward his target. The bar’s owner, a former well known wrestler who was
twice the size of everyone else, stepped outside. He moved behind the patron
with the broken bottle.

even try to hit that one and the cops will find your remains in my dog’s
feces,” the owner said as he cracked his oversized knuckles beside the
heckling patron’s head.

            The rider’s
shoulders slumped. “You’re no fun,” Granny Vine said as she pulled
her helmet off at last. “I could have taken him, you know.” The
setting sun glistened off of her short white curly hair. The crowd of bikers
looked stunned.

May 06 2012

A comparison

April 20/27, 2012 Issue #1203/1204 of Entertainment Weekly has, on page 90, an
interview with Nicholas Sparks 
where they asked him about his five favorite romance movies.
I thought it might be fun to compare his thoughts on these films with how my
own characters and storylines from the Existence series will hopefully be

            Titanic– NS talks about how the love story was not mere background
to the epic event. In the Existence series, a love story of sorts can be
contributed to the cause of the epic events. NS goes on to say that the best
thing about love is the desire to save the one you care about. Xavier’s final
big scene in book one is all about his choice to do what he thinks will best
save the one he loves, doing what he thinks will give her the best chance at

            Ghost– The description NS gives is very much how I hope someone
will describe the Existence series one day, though the love story might not be
first and foremost. The exact reasoning for that will show in a later book.

            Dirty Dancing– This is a favorite film of my main character, Xavier,
though few know that about him. The description that NS gives about this film
hardly functions to thoughts one might have about my series, in my opinion. I
could be wrong though.

            Pretty Woman– A movie that my character Heath generally assumes could
become a biography about his own future. (He’s wrong about that. His fate will
be far more unexpected.) As for NS’s comment that it’s a modern-day Cinderella
story, well, I’m sure someone will feel that the romance between Xavier and
Wend has that same scenario going on. And as far as book one is concerned, it
does appear to be true. They are also both certainly in need of rescuing, or
perhaps in need of a good smack upside the head! Enter the character that
hasn’t been introduced yet…

            Casablanca– It’s possible to draw a parallel between this
film, the remarks NS makes about this film, and the first Existence book. It
isn’t possible, however, to do this very well without giving away too much! 

May 04 2012

Forbes Fictional 15

            So I saw
this article about the Forbes Fictional 15 richest characters. Naturally I
thought about my own characters and where they would fall onto this list. In
the first book (Fractions of Existence) it becomes clear that Xavier is “”rolling in
it.””  In later books it will
become clear just how wealthy these characters really are.

            I think the
most interesting things about their wealth are that they will remain at the top
even if the world shifted in a way that what is considered valuable would
change. For example, I can get a variety of spices for one-third of an hourly
minimum wage, but a few hundred years ago spices were so valuable that kingdoms
joined together to pool funds in the hopes of sending out parties that might
return with them. Honestly, with the way the world is headed right now, I
believe that Xavier’s character will easily become the most economically valuable
person on Earth. (The character who will be introduced later though is the one
who I believe has always and will always be the most valuable to all societies,
though she is without wealth.)

interesting thing about their wealth is how little they regard it. This is a
result of having always been wealthy. It will be interesting to watch Wend as
she transitions from her current place in the world to the social and economic
status that awaits her.

            There is a qualifying
rule which may prohibit my characters from ever appearing on this list. It’s a
bit of a borderline though, a sort of a grey area. Perhaps in a year or two
from now we’ll find out which side of that they land on.

May 01 2012

Why I blog

I recently read this and found it to be absolutely worthwhile.
I am going to take a moment here to jot down my thoughts.


clear about what it is you want in return, and write it (all) down.


1- I want to connect with new readers/ fans.

2- I want to give those new readers/ fans a way to get to
know me better.

3- I want to reward the readers of my blog by giving them
knowledge they won’t find in the books.

4- I want to give the blog readers a reason to comment.

5- I want my blog readers to click to the WHAT-ARE-THEY.COM

6- I want to generate buzz for my fiction series before it
is available.

7- I want to increase my Facebook and Twitter followers.

8- I want a way to communicate with my audience.

9- I want to “brand” my name.


you haven’t checked to see where your rankings are in the world of SEO, take a
minute to open Google, type in your name and see which of your accounts comes
up first.

Nominate J Lenni Dorner for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate J Lenni Dorner for a social media award in the Shorty Awards


Things that I learned after I Googled myself:


1- It looks like I was nominated for a shorty award in the
author category.

2- Only 59 books on Goodreads… I really have to get back
to updating that site!

3- My character quiz appears! I have no idea what the magic
trick or glass of water science stunt is about, but clicking that link does
indeed lead to my quiz!

4- The last thing list will direct one to my blog. Yay! I
think that was the goal of this exercise, wasn’t it?

5- Google+ is listed. I really feel that I am not utilizing
that tool for all that it is worth. I would love to find someone who is so that
I could get a better feel for it.

(6- April 24 was the 132nd birth anniversary of Gideon
Sundback, who developed the 

your core values as a blogger. 


I searched a bit for how to best do this step. What is truly
important to me as a blogger?

1- That my readers be entertained.

2- That my readers desire to return.

3- That my readers feel they have gained something by

4- That my readers become fans who want more.

I am not sure that those things count as values, but they
are important to me as a blogger.

I want my blog to be
creative, unique, well organized, and easy to navigate. I would like my blog to
touch the lives of others, even if only in small simple ways. I would like my
blog to add to my motivation to complete my novels. I would also like my blog
to build anticipation from fans for those novels.


I want my blog guests
to become loyal readers and fans. I want my blog readers to feel that my blog
is a trustworthy source of information. I want my blog readers to be
entertained and especially to enjoy the bits which are funny. I would like my
blog to unite my fans. I would like my blog readers to feel they have gained
knowledge that non-readers will have missed out on, knowledge which will
hopefully distinguish them from casual readers. I want to be practical about my
blog post lengths. They should not be so short that a Twitter post could have
said the same thing, nor so long that one needs to spend more than a few
minutes on my page. It’s a blog, not a novella.


I would like my blog
posts to earn “like” votes, just as I would click to vote on the
blogs that I visit which offer such a thing. I would hope that each blog post
counts, that it is worth reading to at least one person out there.


Is a mission statement the same as core values? Perhaps I
need to find a few other words that suit my core values as a blogger.



Creativity / Inspiration
Education/ Knowledge/ Wisdom

There, that list looks about right.


your personal terms.


I stated in my first post by saying that this is not meant
for children. The books are likely to be racier than the blog though.


your professional destination.


My professional destination is in writing. It always has
been. But without readers and fans, writers become an endangered species.


“In the end, writers are just flinging their words into
the void, hoping and praying that somebody picks them up and saves them from
obscurity. In the end, writers need an enormous amount of courage simply to
continue.” – Sherman

Apr 30 2012

Z is for Zamboni

            I have
driven quite a variety of vehicles in my life, from cars to forklifts, but one
thing that I have not had the pleasure of driving yet is a Zamboni. There are a
great many gears to get to know, because the function of this vehicle is not to
get from here to there but rather to smooth the ice over.

fascinates me is the grace and ease by which these massive machines are able to
maneuver on the ice. I have driven my car in winter weather, and if you have
never had that experience, let me take a moment to assure you that hitting an
ice patch is not pleasant. There is no gliding with grace, there is just
holding on and working to keep from crashing.

            Is there a
secret to these machines? Is there a magic that keeps them going the correct
directions on the ice? Or is it that they are going 4 miles an hour instead of

Apr 30 2012

Z is for Renzo Zimmerman (Existence series character)

            The party
died down. Navel officers and their spouses bid Renzo adieu. The Senator and
his cheery blonde date polished off their drinks before heading out. Renzo
lingered in the ballroom, picking up bits of litter. It wasn’t his job to clean
this place, but then again, it wasn’t his job to do anything anymore. He had
completed his last mission. There would be no more flights. He would not be
slung off of a carrier ship again. He would not pilot a proto type of the most
advanced helicopter that the world had ever known ever again. He was grounded.
No more ocean. No more sky.

            A young man
stepped out of the shadows. Though he didn’t look old enough for it to be legal
for him to drink, he was holding a glass of Scotch.

party is over, son. Do you need a ride home?”

The young man let out a chuckle. “The party hasn’t even started yet.”

you drunk, son? I don’t know who served you. I thought this place had better
staff than that. I am sorry if you became inebriated at my event. I can assure
you though that this party has ended. All of the guests have gone home. The
band stopped playing a while ago. There is nothing left but the clean up.”

            The young
man stepped closer. His blue eyes flashed. Renzo was certain that he could smell
the ocean and feel the soft rocking of the waves.

            “I am
Xavier Doyen. I have been following your career. I know it seems like the party
has just ended, but that does not have to be the case. You were born to make a
difference, and thus far in your life you have. I invite you now to embark on
another adventure, one far more classified than even your highest commander is
aware of, for the safety and protection of the world at large.”


Apr 28 2012

Y is for Yo-yo

           When I was
a child, I had an uncle with a sizable yo-yo collection. He enjoyed doing yo-yo
tricks and taught me a few of them. What I would not find out for several years
was the reason that his tricks worked on his yo-yos but not on the very cheap
ones that I purchased was because he was using yo-yos that could do sleep
tricks, meaning that the string was looped onto the yo-yo bearing, not glued or
stapled into it. Dollar stores are great for many things, but a decent yo-yo is
rarely among them. The rock-the-baby trick is fine, but doing it with a yo-yo
which lights up and sparkles makes it grand!


If you are interested in learning some tricks, I suggest
watching That Yo-yo Guy on YouTube

Apr 28 2012

Y is for Yule (Existence series character)

            Fantastic. I left a beautiful five
star hotel with a delicious masseur to stay in a box. Xavier is seriously going
to owe me for this. So is she, once she gets her memory back.
            She looks so sad. It’s hard to
not be able to reveal the answers to her. It’s hard to listen to her cry, to
hear how empty and alone she feels, and not be able to tell her that I know
that everything will be alright. None of the things she is crying about today
will make a drop of difference once she and Xavier share that first kiss. These
feelings that she has of being inadequate are only a result of her being stuck.
The sense of not fitting in that she tries so hard to ignore, I know the real
reason behind it.

            What I don’t know is how she got
here. She doesn’t belong with this family. Perhaps this is what exile looks
like. Maybe this is as close as our kind will ever come to Hell.


Apr 28 2012

X is for Xenophobia

with me if you will what it was like to board a ship to cross the ocean with
the intention to relocate to a land that no one you knew or had heard of had
ever explored before. Now imagine that you get to this new land and discover
that it is already inhabited. You are an intruder! For whatever reasons, you
opt to stay anyway. Eventually you have to interact with these other people.
They are foreigners (an odd use of the word, given that this has been their
homeland for more generations than you can count), and they are strangers. They
are vastly different from you. Over time they become present in your society,
but they are never accepted as part of it.

            They are
unsure of what to make of you, so they hang around quietly observing. They
watch as you make a fool of yourself. The days grow shorter, and the air gets
colder. This new land has winter! You are not prepared. Then the strange
natives show you a bit of kindness. They teach you just enough of their ways to
keep you from starving.

            You survive
the winter. They offer to teach you more. What would taking such an offer mean?
Would you have to give up your ways? Would you become an outcast to society as
well? They’re trying to change you! This isn’t why you came here. You did not
plan to arrive in this land to mingle with a bunch of people who lacked the
good sense to let you freeze to death. This is your land! You have a right to
it! You crossed an ocean to get to it, after all! So they have ancestors buried
here- you had to bury some folks at sea! That alone gives you the right to this
place. This land must learn to adapt to you, not you to it. How dare these
natives exist! They are to be feared. Only hostile and violent reactions will
lead to your survival! Germ warfare must be employed.

            Welcome to


            Give it
four hundred years to brew. Then sit back and watch the argument that no one
else should be allowed to move on to this land.

            If you plan
to survive, never forget rule one: Do not accept a blanket.


Apr 27 2012

X is for Candra Xanthos

This post isn’t one
that all readers will understand.

In the story, Xavier meets Gwendolyn in an online roleplaying game.
The following is what her character sheet would look like. (Click here for his!)

Apr 26 2012

W is for What…

“What” questions with one word answers:


What do you get every time you go into Wal-mart?


What do you see yourself doing in five years from now?


What would you consider to be the most important aspects of
this job?


What sound do you love?


What’s the best gift you have ever received?


What is something that is widely available yet


What subject do you wish you had paid more attention to in


What was your first email address provider?


What scares you in the dark?


What makes a house a home?


Apr 26 2012

W is for William Warehime (Existence series character)

William first met Xavier’s sister Adrielle, she was dressed in black leather
spiked boots that were laced up to her thighs, a tiny black leather skirt, and
a low scooped purple top. She bore no resemblance to any upper crust socialite
or noblewoman, not that he had met very many. She was bent over a pool table;
cue in hand, winning her third game of the evening.

other takers?” she asked as she picked up her winnings from a very
perturbed looking biker who was three times her size in practically every

are the stakes?” William asked.

last guy put up fifty,” she answered as she chalked.

like something more.”

Seventy? Ninety? What number would you like?”

smiled. He motioned to someone, who brought a cue over that had been in a case
behind the bar. “Yours.”

smirked. “Rather hefty bet. But what do I get when I beat you?”

the same that you’ll get when I win, use your number to call you, and you agree
to a date with me.”

laughed. His confidence intrigued her. “You’re on. My name is Dree, by the
way,” she said as she extended her hand toward him.

            He slid his
fingers under hers and lifted it to his lips, kissing her hand rather than
shaking it. “William Warehime. Pleasure to make your acquaintance,

Apr 25 2012

V is for my Values


You value loyalty highly.
You’re completely devoted to your friends and family.
Even if they totally screw up, you’re still there for them.
Just make sure they’re equally loyal to you!


You value generosity a fair amount.
You are all about giving, as long as there’s some give and take.
Supportive and kind, you don’t mind helping out a friend in need.
But you know when you’ve given too much. You have no problem saying “no”!


You value humility a fair amount.
You tend to be an easy going, humble person.
But occasionally your ego takes over.
You have a slight competitive streak – and the need to be the best.


You value tolerance highly.
Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from you…
You do all that you can to seek it out interesting and unique friends.
You think there are many truths in life, and you’re open to many of them.

Top 10 Values:

1- Love

2- Commitment / Loyalty

3- Creativity / Uniqueness / Expressiveness/ Originality

4- Self-reliance

5- Fairness / Tolerance/ Freedom

6- Enjoyment / Fun

7- Control

8- Preparedness / Resourcefulness

9- Altruism / Goodness

10- Success / Focus 

Apr 25 2012

V is for Granny Vine (Existence series character)

            It was mid-March,
1944. Though I had just turned 21, I had already been married for five years.
(Back then, if a boy got a girl “into trouble,” marriage was the only
real option.) My mother was watching our son so that Frank and I could spend
the evening together before he shipped back out to the war.

Officers’ Club was in full swing that night. The men were all aware that they
would be gone soon, so they were taking full advantage of the pleasures of
life. My Frank and I danced until our feet nearly bled and ate until our guts
nearly popped. There was another fellow, Milton, who was drinking his way
toward a “conduct unbecoming” penalty. Frank and a few of his friends
tried to help Milton
regain his composure. They nearly had him right again, but then she walked in.

            She had red
hair a shade that no decent woman ought to have. Her legs were long and sleek.
And those eyes! Even Bette Davis didn’t have eyes that were this remarkable. She
was on the arm of Raymond, a distinguished commander whom many of the men
idolized. Milton
wasn’t paying attention to whose arm she was on though. He foolishly marched
over to her and made a lewd suggestion faster than anyone could stop him.

            The room
filled with tension. All eyes were on Raymond and Milton. Speaking in such a
way to a lady was a terrible affront. Raymond calmly set his hat down and
removed his gloves. He then leaned into Milton‘s
space, locking their eyes together. For a moment a few of us thought that
Raymond meant to stab Milton
with a pocket blade. But then everything changed. The lights flickered. The
room softly shook, causing a few glasses to fall and break. Milton‘s eyes widened. His body trembled so
much that he soon fell to his knees. It was a hard fall. I swear everyone in
the place felt it! But the whole time that his body dropped, not once did he
break eye-contact with Raymond.

            Frank, who
was standing near Milton, swore that he saw
bourbon sweating its way right out of Milton‘s
pores. There was utter silence for a long time as Raymond’s eyes conquered Milton. Eventually there
was a small squeak, followed by a whimper, and then by chattering teeth. Milton began to beg for
mercy. Raymond remained still for a moment longer before telling Milton that the lady was
owed an apology. And then Raymond blinked.

            It seems
strange that I should recall something as small as a blink all these years
later. It’s such a little gesture if you think about. It’s one of those things
we do a thousand times a day without thinking about it and surely must see
others do all the time. But a blink doesn’t normally have this sort of effect.
When Raymond blinked, the whole room felt it. The air changed, lifting like it
does after a long rainstorm. The shaking stopped. Milton fell further down.

between his tears echoed throughout the room as Milton turned toward the dame. He apologized
softly at first, the words fighting their way out between the struggles to
breathe. Then her eyes narrowed on him. He let out a scream.

burns, it burns! God, help me!” Milton
screeched out.

            Raymond let
out a small cough which turned his lady’s attention back to him for a moment.
She wrinkled her nose at him, and then looked at Milton again, who was now curled up in a ball
on the floor.

best sober up, Sir. There are Nazis to kill.” With that said, she turned
to the bartender and requested a soda.


Apr 24 2012

U is for The Last Unicorn

            My favorite
children’s movie is The Last Unicorn. I watched it so much that the tape wore
thin. (There was once a thing called the VCR, and it used videotapes, which
wore out. They also required one to rewind the movie all the way back to the
beginning before playing it again. Rewinding- there’s a word that probably only
had a function for three decades.)

            I recently
acquired this movie on DVD. (How many years before I have to come back and drop
a history lesson on what a DVD was? “Once upon a time, movies didn’t just
stream to us, and they weren’t stored in clouds.” It’s going to be an interesting
future.) It’s different watching this movie now. The subtle themes and
symbolism are more evident.

            Could you
be someone else for the one you love? Would you give your own life for the one
you love- perhaps by standing between them and a flaming red bull? (In this
case, not a drink. Ha ha.) What would you do if you could never really touch
the one you love again?


            And now to
draw a parallel because it amuses me to do so:


Xavier be someone else for Gwendolyn? Yes, for a while. Would he give his own
life for her? Yes, he would. What would he do if he could never really touch
her again? He would stop living.

Xavier let Gwendolyn be someone else for him? No. Would he let her die for him?
Not if he could help it. Would he let her go, knowing that he could never
really touch her again, if he thought that was what would be in her best

            READ THE BOOK.

Apr 24 2012

U is for Unless

This message brought to you by Jun of the Existence series.

Apr 24 2012

U is for Urania (Existence series character)

(The following phone call is mentioned in Fractions of Existence. This is how it seemed from the other end.)

            What is that buzzing? Oh right, that’s my


morning, Urania! I didn’t wake you, did I?”

of course not.” Seriously, why would
I be awake this early? Wend always asks me the dumbest questions.

friend from New York
is in town. We’re going to get together to exchange gifts and chat
for a bit.”

how lovely for you!” Fake smiles
translate, right? Why would she wake me up to brag about hanging out with some
other friend? Maybe an invitation is coming. I don’t really have anything else
to do today.

sending you his picture now.”

His? It’s a guy? Is she setting me up?
Oh, there it is. Oh. My. God.
“Is he single?” Please say yes, please say yes, please say

just meeting up for a few minutes. It’s not a big deal.”

he have any single friends that look like him?” It’s not possible that my only friend in this country just called to
wake me up to tell me about her exciting plans with a mega hottie who she isn’t
dating but has no intention of passing along to me.

don’t think he really knows anyone else out this way, Urania.”

a shame.” I could fly to New York. For a chance
with that guy, I’d pack up and move to New
“Did you want to bring him over
here?” Or drop him off over here
perhaps. Leave us alone for a bit. I’ll light some candles, make some food, and
put on some slow music. Please Wend, tell me that you’ve woken me because you
want to drop my future husband off. Or my future one-night-stand.

have to go get ready. Thanks for being my friend, Urania. I’ll talk to you

            Did she just hang up on me? What was that?
Ok, going back to sleep. Maybe I can at least meet that guy in my dreams.

Apr 23 2012

T is for Two-thirty-seven


            In “The
Shining,” Jack investigates Room 237 where he encounters the
ghost of a dead woman. The house number was 237 in the film Saw II. The list of
places that this number creeps up is astounding! Or is it as much of a crazy
coincidence as the number 23 in the film of the same name?

2+3+2=7… Where’s Jim Carrey?)



            I have
several examples of how this number appears in my own life. (Addresses, phone
numbers, hotel rooms, license plates, identification, etc.) I have even dated
someone that was employee number 237.It’s appropriate that this blog post should appear on the 23rd at 7:32 am.

Obsession? Coincidence? It doesn’t matter. 237 is the number that most amuses
me. How about you?

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