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Mar 31 2019

Acknowledgments #AtoZChallenge #Writing #BookReviews as an #Author

Writing Book Reviews As An Author B&N Nook

Writing Book Reviews As An Author Inspiration To Make It Easier By: J Lenni Dorner A is for — Acknowledgments The idea for Writing Book Reviews As An Author started when someone asked me to write a guest article for their newsletter. “Something 500 to 700 words.” An hour later, I had over a thousand …

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May 09 2016

Reflections on the #atozchallenge, being a blogger, the blogging community, and an unpublished book

Reflections Post I’m reflecting on who I want to be as a blogger after completing my fifth A to Z Challenge. I want my blog to be smart, insightful, and always fun to read. I like “thinking posts” and getting opinions from my readers. Books and writing are my niche, so I focus largely on …

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