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Nov 12 2014

Random Post for Fantasy Books with Dragons and Swords that Goth Readers May Like and a Hint of Vanilla

The 12 Greatest Fantasy Books Of The Year   ^ That’s a fantastic list to check out. ^   Where might my own current NaNoWriMo project land on this?   The Dagger in the Darkrise, by J Lenni Dorner     Why it made the list (or might someday) : It starts out with the main …

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Jun 01 2014

Maleficent Sunday Seven

A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?     Seven reasons I love the movie Maleficent:   Angelina gives an incredible, award-worthy performance full of striking emotions. This version of Sleeping Beauty is packed full of truths and life lessons. I had a feeling about how the …

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