Tag: Dy Saturday

May 19 2013

Heads up to five other bloggers

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them   Five of my favorite blogs. Hmm. Well, a favorite of mine was turned private a few weeks ago, so that’s out. Let me think.   http://hansiriley.wordpress.com// – A friend of mine with enjoyable insights.   http://www.thewritingnut.com/ – This blog amuses …

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May 06 2013

Liebster thoughts thanks to Dy

While a Liebster winner does not normally answer the questions of those they nominate, Dy Saturday inspired me with the questions posed. I hope my answers are enjoyable.   11.) You have two options for your memory: you can either be hated or forgotten instantly. Which one would you choose, and, as always, why? 11- …

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