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Jan 31 2017

Express Yourself with Photos of Your Workspace

Jan 30 – Feb 3 Share some photos of your work space. You were probably expecting something more indoorsy… unless you know me, in which case you’re nodding your head and thinking “yup, that looks about right.”

Jan 23 2017

Express Yourself with Pie #NationalPieDay #PieDay

Jan 23 – 27 Apple, cherry or pumpkin pie? This Express Yourself prompt makes me wonder if Jackie and Dani have a copy of the obscure holiday calendar I received for Christmas. Apple pie has to have cheese melted on it for me to want it. Muenster or Gruyère, preferably. Pumpkin pie needs to have …

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Jan 18 2017

Express Yourself #amreading First Sentence @VeronicaRoth @CrystalCollier1

Jan 16 – 20 What’s the first sentence of the book you’re currently reading? “Hushflowers always bloomed when the night was longest.” Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth @VeronicaRoth “Alexia was reasonably confident that exiting the carriage was the equivalent of stepping into Hell.” Moonless by Crystal Collier @CrystalCollier1 My hardcover copy of Carve the …

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Jan 11 2017

Expressing My Favorite Social Media Site

Jan 9 – 13 What’s your favorite social media site? Twitter is my favorite social media site. It’s a fast and easy way to connect with people. There are short conversations that get straight to the point. The direct messages, unlike email, always look the same. Same font, same font size, same color, easy and …

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Sep 23 2016

Express Yourself Meme in an Elevator

Sept. 19-23: You’re stuck in an elevator with 1 friend, 2 celebrities, 3 items, and NO way out, however, help is on the way. List those 6 items/people to pass the time with. My List Friend: Sven Celebrities: Morgan Freeman, Michelle Rodriguez Items: jug of water, phone with usb fan, a very long book that …

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Jun 02 2016

Express Yourself Hop – Spirit Animal

Express Yourself Hop May 30 – June 3 If you could have a spirit animal, which would you choose? My spirit animal might be a lobster. But remember this part of my A to Z 2014 story? I am the spirit animal! Ooooh, intrigue. CLICK for the rest of June!

May 26 2015

Express Yourself #eating while #writing

What I like to munch on while writing: baby carrots with hummus greek yogurt almonds cheese biscotti dipped in my coffee Pepperidge Farm Cheddar and Sour Cream cracker chips Enjoy the hop!

May 22 2015

Express Yourself with my Best Friend

My best friend has several quirks. But the one she is known for is her ability to not get ripped off. You might not think that’s a big deal. But she ALWAYS gets what she paid for. If there’s a scratch on her new car, she’ll not only have it buffed out, but the dealership …

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Jan 22 2015

Expressing My Favorite Movie of 2014

It’s so CRUEL to make me choose just one! I mean really, LOOK at what came out in 2014! But, all right, there is one movie that I’ve watched more than five times already, so I think it’s safe to call it my favorite from 2014:

Jan 12 2015

Express Yourself with Plays and Musicals

  I tried to find my box of playbills, several of which are autographed, to make this post more interesting. Unfortunately, that box seems to gone into the stack of “things I will not need prior to moving,” and thus will not be seen again for a few months. Looking back, I was quite the …

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Jan 09 2015

Expressing My New Year’s Resolutions

    Publish something every week on this blog Continue to Support Diverse Books Have 5000 Twitter followers ~ currently at 4004! Update / redo what-are-they.com and existenceseries.com (Thinking of deleting the second one) After having my fantasy novel, The Dagger in the Darkrise, professionally edited, get my query letter out there (My thanks to Sharon …

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Dec 30 2014

Expressing my Favorite EYM of 2014

  I was new to this meme this year, so I have only 36 posts to select from. But the one I had the most fun creating was the Expressing Myself with a Deluxe Grits #recipe

Dec 21 2014

Expressing Ideas this Sunday Seven

  A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?     Seven ideas for the 2015 Express Yourself Meme   How have you changed the world for the better? What book has made a setting come so alive for you that you feel like you’ve really been to …

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Dec 16 2014

Expressing Myself with Gollum from LoTR

    My favorite LoTR character in the movies is Gollum, originally known as Sméagol (or Trahald). He’s interesting, unique, and unmistakable for anyone else. This pop-culture icon is known all over for the simple phrase, “My Precious.” It takes a rare character to be so memorable with only two words. That’s something to strive for …

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Dec 10 2014

Expressing Coffee Tea Cider and Me

Dec 05 2014

Expressing my love of Bumble and reading books

    I do celebrate three holidays in December. I’m not sure that there’s a show or movie related to them that I’m looking forward too. (I mean, yeah, I’ll watch Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer for the 50th time or whatever, but that’s because I love Bumble.) There is a book coming out this month …

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Nov 26 2014

Expressing Myself with a Deluxe Grits #recipe

I promise you that this is NOT a cooking blog. There happen to be several foodie posts this month, but no, this is not a cooking blog.   This is a favorite breakfast meal of my lovely assistant and I. (Some of you may recall her from previous posts – O is for Otts and …

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Nov 19 2014

Expressing Five Fictional Characters I Want in My Life

  Five fictional characters I would want in my life.   This sounded like such an easy topic, until I discussed it with two friends. See, right off the bat, I said “Hermione Granger.” But my friend reminded me that I knew someone who was like her. While that girl and I were casual acquaintances …

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Nov 14 2014

Expressing the MBTI Side of My ESTP Self

See more like this by following my Inside the dusty room of my mind board.

Oct 21 2014

Express Yourself with a Halloween Costume

inspirational writing motivation on a coffee cup

  There was a year when the rules about Halloween costumes came with a three page “no” list.This is when creativity had to be employed.Thus, I became an apple tree.Actually, this costume is very easy. Get a brown shirt and pants.(Though a tree camo outfit from the hunting section could also work.)Get some leaves- either …

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