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Oct 13 2014

Express Yourself this Halloween with Books for Trick-or-Treat

I plan to go look for some new treats from fellow authors! Will the Internet toss in some tricks of crashing pages? Who knows!?!

Oct 07 2014

Expressing Scary Movies and Books

    I should point out that I do not scare easily. I’m the one in the movie theater laughing at those of you who jump when Freddy, Jason, Mike, Chucky, or Hannibal show up when you (you, not me) least expect it.   However, there was a scene in the movie The Devil’s Advocate …

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Oct 02 2014

Express One Love of Autumn

    Confession: I’m a leafer.   Alright, I’m not as bad as some of the other leafers out there. I have never taken a long trip in order to see fall foliage. This is probably because I grew up with it in my own backyard. The way all the leaves change from green into …

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Jul 03 2014

Express Yourself with a Childhood Toy

Megaminx It might seem strange, but this is what I took with me on long car rides, out to dinner to places where people sit around for an hour before eating, and to the homes of relatives that had no children and thus no toys. This is much like a Rubik’s Cube, except that it’s …

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Jun 09 2014

Express Your Favorite Games

Fav video games: Civilization V, Sims 2, Fable II, Morrowind, Words with Friends, DrawSomething Board Games: Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Loaded Questions, Cranium  

May 19 2014

Express Yourself with a Celebrity Twin

Once upon a time in the 1990’s, between the Boyd movie theater and Scarlett O’Hara’s club in Bethlehem, PA, there was a music shop. (I’ve forgotten the name.) The woman who worked there at night looked like Julia Roberts. She had the Pretty Woman hair. She even had the same laugh. Naturally, she didn’t see it. …

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May 05 2014

Express Yourself on page 89

FICTION: Beneath it is a sketch of a bird in flight. “It’s a raven,” a voice behind me says. DIVERGENT   NON-FICTION:

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