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Oct 30 2018

Book Summary #SpeculativeFiction #UrbanFantasy #ParanormalRomance #Myth #Legend #NewAdult

Speculative Fiction. Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Romance. Myths & Legends. New Adult. Book Summary of: FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE XAVIER DOYEN aims to prevent THE EYES IN THE SHADOWS from bringing about the apocalypse because he believes that’s what he’s meant to do. He’s hampered by a missing resource that would make his team, THE EXISTENCE, powerful …

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Jul 05 2017

An Antagonist Honey-Do List

Thanks to Tyrean Martinson who offered this writing prompt. Writing Prompt: If the villain/antagonist of your story created a “honey do” list, what would be on it? Does your villain/antagonist have a significant other? The villain/ antagonist in my story is actually a group of people (unless you want to go into the subplots of …

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Jun 22 2017

Theme and Plot – Fractions of Existence

Today I’ll be giving this image (which I found on Pinterest) a try. I’m using my Fractions of Existence book because that’s what I’m polishing this week. What should go wrong? Xavier’s attempt to reunite his kind, The Existence, to stop the Eyes in the Shadows (who are working to bring about the apocalypse), should …

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May 30 2017

Genre For Book Marketing

I’m reading: 47 Mind Hacks for Writers by Karen Dimmick & Steve Dimmick and using the exercises as blog post prompts. For today’s excersise, I’m supposed to find some books in my market, guess what they’re about, and then write why my book is different. Fractions of Existence is an Urban Fantasy. Define= “Urban fantasy …

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Oct 23 2016

Seeking Query Feedback

It is so much easier to spot the errors of others. I’ve gotten quite good (I hope) at helping other writers improve their query letters. Today, I offer an opportunity to turn the tables. Long-time followers of this blog have seen bits of my query letter attempts and excerpts of FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE, so there’s …

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Apr 26 2016

#atozchallenge V is for Villains #Writing Character Traits @RayneHall

#atozchallenge V is for Villains #Writing Character Traits @RayneHall Click for my theme details 26 writing reference books containing 26 lessons leads to a month of #WriteTips and writing samples V is for “Villains” Book: Writing About Villains by Rayne Hall @RayneHall My dice roll: 371 (ebook location out of 1091) Lesson: villain character traits …

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Apr 19 2016

#atozchallenge P is for Plot #Writing Outline the Journey of the Hero by @stephaniedraven

Click for my theme details 26 writing reference books containing 26 lessons leads to a month of #WriteTips and writing samples P is for “Plot” Book: Plot Your Book In A Month…With Scrivener by Stephanie Draven My dice roll: 578 (ebook location out of 2246) Lesson: Outline the Journey of the Hero You do not …

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Apr 12 2016

#atozchallenge J is for James Scott Bell #Writing Plot Ideas from Issues that Outrage @jamesscottbell

Click for my theme details 26 writing reference books containing 26 lessons leads to a month of #WriteTips and writing samples J is for “James” Book: Write Great Fiction – Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell @jamesscottbell My dice roll: 39 Lesson: Ways to get plot ideas This section of the book gives 20 …

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Jun 29 2014

Sunday Seven #80s throwback that compares Voltron to my books

A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday.     Comparing the Voltron Lion Force to my Existence series   1– Voltron – Keith, pilot of the black lion that forms the head, is the levelheaded Captain who puts his crew and planet first. His romantic feelings for Allura tend to distract …

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Feb 26 2014

Cameras, Villains, and #MSWL wishes

**Note– I did NOT think about the auto-post networked feature when I titled this. I am sorry to those who surfed here expecting anything other than my wishing my fellow writers well wishes on this #mswl day. Serious “facepalm” moment on my part. I would untweet if I could. I’d change the title now, if …

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