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Jun 13 2017

Would You Rather – The Book Edition – Thanks to @deb_atwood

I was over at the peninherhand.com blog (who, you may recall, I tagged for the Mystery Blogger Award), and stumbled on a “would you rather” game. @deb_atwood wrote: Now I hereby tag … all my followers–yes, I mean you! Onto the 10 questions! WOULD YOU RATHER 1. READ ONLY TRILOGIES OR STANDALONES? I’m a fan …

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Aug 20 2013

Earthlings could be the insult used by space alien drill sergeants

Just an observation here: Have you ever noticed how some insults don’t quite work out? I knew a guy who called everyone with tan skin a Blackfoot. He was trying to use it as an insult. Then he used it on a Blackfoot Native American. A bit like calling an Italian an Italian, or a …

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