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Jul 31 2012

A Hero – Just for Fun

I have taken part in the hero blog hop as a reader only. (I missed the deadline to join in!) However, the more I read, the more my characters (especially Heath) are demanding that I write a hero post for them. So here it is! (Now maybe a writer can get some peace and quiet …

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Jun 29 2012

Part 4 of the Interviewed by My Characters series

Part 4 of the Interviewed by My Characters series   (For a full explanation of what’s going on here, please scroll or use the categories feature to get to the first interview.) Thank you @Melissa_Foster for the #LedByMyCharacters inspiration.   Anonymous enters. She has a way of putting me at ease. If anyone might speak …

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Jun 21 2012

Part 1 of the Interviewed by My Characters series

Part 1 of the Interviewed by My Characters series   @Melissa_Foster One of my characters just surprised the hell out of me. I said, outloud, “Really? OMG, REALLY!?!” My son’s response, “Mom, you do know that you decide what they say and do, right?” If only he knew the truth. #LedByMyCharacters -June 14, 2012   …

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May 11 2012

Heath’s Dream Home -Existence Series Character

From writing prompt: http://susanwrites.livejournal.com/255144.html                 Cool stone met Heath’s bare feet as he rolled out of the massive oversized plush bed. He walked over to the fireplace. His toes curled on the soft throw rug as he threw another log into the low flames of the tiring fire. He glanced to his bedroom …

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May 06 2012

A comparison

            The April 20/27, 2012 Issue #1203/1204 of Entertainment Weekly has, on page 90, an interview with Nicholas Sparks where they asked him about his five favorite romance movies. I thought it might be fun to compare his thoughts on these films with how my own characters and storylines from the Existence …

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Apr 22 2012

Earth Day thoughts from Heath (Existence series character)

Earth Day thoughts from Heath (fictional character of the Existence series)- http://www.earthday.org/             The Earth has been around longer than you have. It sustains you. It keeps you from becoming little tiny specs of nothingness that float around in the giant vacuum of space. The bottom line is that you need the …

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