Tag: #HeForShe

Oct 12 2017

#WomenBoycottTwitter #HeForShe #FridayThe13th #LovePamela

Gents, let’s do this too. No tweeting for a day. In solidarity with @rosemcgowan. https://t.co/vjM0WZynOC #WomenBoycottTwitter pic.twitter.com/aiXZqrj2JA — Jeeves Williams (@jeeveswilliams) October 12, 2017 To see what a world without the voices of women, and other humans who support equality and oppose oppression, would look like, there’s this Twitter movement. I’ve shuffled tweets out of …

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May 01 2016

The Other Story from Pen name JavaInMe #WriteClub2016

Pen Name: JavaInMe Age Group: Adult Genre: Sci-fi Word Count: 496 words Partisan Conquerors from Epsilon Eridani X Sniderk settled in as the Mandatory Viewing Recap came on. A translator spoke for a bruised human male. “We were on our usual and approved route. They waited for us there. We walked through them. What choice …

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