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Jun 17 2016

Summer 2016 Mini Bloggiesta -Review of books by @RoxanneRhoads @angelaackerman @beccapuglisi #NewToYou2016

Check out Tsu, Booklikes, and Booktropolous Check out The Book Blogger Directory, Book Blogger List, YA Book Blog Directory, and The Indie View Contact @RoxanneRhoads about making a connection between her booktour service and my Operation Awesome Debut Author Spotlight My two reviews are below. On my sidebar, I centered the WHAT-ARE-THEY video, reordered some …

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Jun 02 2016

Express Yourself Hop – Spirit Animal

Express Yourself Hop May 30 – June 3 If you could have a spirit animal, which would you choose? My spirit animal might be a lobster. But remember this part of my A to Z 2014 story? I am the spirit animal! Ooooh, intrigue. CLICK for the rest of June!

Nov 23 2014

Sunday Seven Foods from the First Thanksgiving

  A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?   The Wampanoag people took pity on the sick, starving pale-faced people that had settled on their land. There had been rumors from distant tribes to the south of pale people who came in oversized canoes and committed monstrous …

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Nov 02 2014

Sunday Seven Foodie Humor with Two Recipes and Fun Food Facts

  A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add?   This post is my Sunday Seven and Foodie Blog Hop offering rolled into one. (It’s NaNoWriMo season, you know! I have words to write elsewhere… 50,000 of them!)   Please enjoy the three lessons from a funny true …

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Apr 26 2014

#atozchallenge W is for Water

  I open the jar decorated with images of the ocean, as instructed by the strange voice I hear in my head. The jar contains water, a few plants growing from the sandy bottom, and a lobster. The lobster swims to the top and waves a claw at me.   Hello there.   “Am I …

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