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Jun 27 2014

Midway Through This Year Goals

Half the year is gone! Can I remain on track for the next half? Thanks to my participation in this hop, I believe that I can. So here’s my current goals and review of goals from the past:   The BIG MAIN GOAL: Publish two decent-selling book series   2014 Goals: Publish something every week …

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Nov 21 2013


I am still around. I haven’t had time for the gaming experiment. Life has thrown extra tension in my real scenes– doesn’t it know that the only tension I wanted was in my writing? My hours not spent dealing with the unexpected are all devoted to writing the story. I try to check in with …

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Nov 15 2013

The Experiment Day Three

There was no post yesterday because I took a NyQuil induced coma sick day. I believe I wrote about 50 words at some point, none of which made coherent sentences. I feel much better today though, so I’m back on point!   Words:   I got to the keyboard around 5PM. Feeling way behind, I …

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Nov 13 2013

The Experiment Day Two Post Game

Welcome to the Medieval Era.  I have three cities now. I didn’t build any new wonders, but none of the wonders that I hope to build have been taken, either. An unknown player lost their capital, so that’s one down! Carthage is displeased that I settled near them (though it’s the city not next to …

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Nov 13 2013

The Experiment Day Two Begins

Day 2 8:45 PM   I overslept. Honestly, I’d like to grab a book and go hide under the covers. My temperature is only 97.4, but my face flaming red (giving a completely new meaning to being a redskin– but seriously, I have Santa suit camo going on here). The back of my throat also …

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Nov 11 2013

The Gaming to Increase Writing Experiment

The Experiment:   I recently read an article that suggested a correlation between video games and increased productivity. The games stimulate certain areas of the brain, which releases various chemicals, thus trigging the boost. Could this be true? Is gaming not for slackers, but rather for those who need a productivity boost? (Best news ever…) …

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Mar 30 2013

Contest April 2013

PLEASE DO ONLY WHAT YOU WISH TO DO! Nothing is mandatory here!!! The more options you take advantage of, the better your odds are to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway Want to see YET ANOTHER another fun contest? http://www.shescribes.com/2013/04/the-notebook-ultimate-collectors-edition-giveaway-ends-12513.html Go there! (Ends May 12)

Dec 01 2012

NaNoWriMo Win

Care to be my writing buddy next year?

Nov 03 2012

Happy NaNoWriMo

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