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Oct 23 2016

Seeking Query Feedback

It is so much easier to spot the errors of others. I’ve gotten quite good (I hope) at helping other writers improve their query letters. Today, I offer an opportunity to turn the tables. Long-time followers of this blog have seen bits of my query letter attempts and excerpts of FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE, so there’s …

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Apr 08 2016

#atozchallenge G is for Getting Published #WriteTip #query @carlywatters

Click for my theme details 26 writing reference books containing 26 lessons leads to a month of #WriteTips and writing samples G is for “Getting” Book: Getting Published in the 21st Century: Advice from a Literary Agent by Carly Watters @carlywatters My dice roll: 964 Lesson: 6 Tips to Make Your Query Stand Out 1- …

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Aug 19 2015

#boutofbooks 14 MASH #bookreview #writetip and #query update with thanks to @NaomiLHughes

QUERY UPDATE! Thanks to Naomi Hughes @NaomiLHughes, I have a new and (fingers crossed) awesome query letter. Here’s the main part: Thoughts? DAY 3 Here’s my MASH for the Rocky Top Real Talk #boutofbooks challenge. I looked for an online version of the game. Sadly, the categories were not customizable. (If someone finds one that …

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Jan 09 2015

Expressing My New Year’s Resolutions

    Publish something every week on this blog Continue to Support Diverse Books Have 5000 Twitter followers ~ currently at 4004! Update / redo what-are-they.com and existenceseries.com (Thinking of deleting the second one) After having my fantasy novel, The Dagger in the Darkrise, professionally edited, get my query letter out there (My thanks to Sharon …

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Jun 27 2014

Midway Through This Year Goals

Half the year is gone! Can I remain on track for the next half? Thanks to my participation in this hop, I believe that I can. So here’s my current goals and review of goals from the past:   The BIG MAIN GOAL: Publish two decent-selling book series   2014 Goals: Publish something every week …

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May 03 2014

The Writer’s Voice Bloghop Entry of 250 Words and My Query

   According to the email I received this morning, I made it in to “The Writer’s Voice” blogfest. The first 250 words of my manuscript, and general query, are posted below for that purpose.     FRACTIONS OF EXISTENCE   Written by J. Lenni Dorner   CHAPTER 1 To ask Jane Myers how she was …

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Feb 14 2014

A Small Celebration

Celebrating Small Things:   What might be small to some, might be worth celebration to me. Here’s a cheery list, which is by no means is all-inclusive:   1. Query Feedback from Eileen Wiedbrauk at World Weaver Press             Those who follow this blog know that I struggle with writing a proper query letter. …

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Jan 15 2014

Famous Query Examples

            I realize that I have a unique style of learning, so this post might not apply to others. Presently I am continuing on my journey of figuring out how to write a proper and successful query letter. I have been through the examples and how-to pages on the internet. There …

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Sep 06 2013

Query versus Query

             An affluent young professional’s heart beat echoes empty chambers, unsure of its proper rhythm without her. A conservative, sheltered wallflower worries about her ability to please her betrothed, a stranger that her father selected. Such ordinary problems plague these lovely creatures that masquerade as human (which he knows he …

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Jun 24 2013

Love and a query

You walk along. Things seem alright. The world is the world. You appreciate it as it is (or maybe you don’t). Then, by unexpected chance, you find that someone who changes everything. The rest of the world grays away. But there are challenges to get that someone. Dangers that must be faced. The fight for …

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Jun 19 2013

To boldly go where no query letter has gone before

  How fast? 237… (In the final quarter of the movie) The number stalks me again!     Star Trek into Darkness   What would the query letter’s first paragraph be if this film were a book? That is what I wondered after I saw the movie.     Is it a movie about the …

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