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Apr 14 2013

A Second Liebster Award

A great big thank you to Wayne L Murphy who has nominated me for this second Liebster Award! Truly this is a great honor.   So what is the Liebster Award? “The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to …

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Sep 05 2012

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop (Week 13)

My thanks to Lisa for tagging me. Her post(s) and blog(s) can be found here: http://www.imaginationalley.wordpress.com http://www.lisavandiver.blogspot.com     What is the working title of your book? Fractions of Existence (Book 1 of the Existence series) Where did the idea come from for the book? The characters told me to write it. I put it …

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Jul 11 2012

Liebster Blog Award

My deepest and most sincere thanks to @nicolehill17 from http://nicolefaithhill.blogspot.com for the gift of this award.  The rules are:    1. Thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award. Add the award logo to your blog.   2. Answer the eleven questions posted for the nominees.   3. Share eleven random facts about …

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Apr 26 2012

W is for What…

“What” questions with one word answers:   What do you get every time you go into Wal-mart?             Thirsty What do you see yourself doing in five years from now?             Writing What would you consider to be the most important aspects of this job?             Creativity What sound do you love?             Surf What’s …

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Apr 11 2012

J is for Janice (Existence series character)

            Janice is a favorite character of mine though her roles in the books will always be small ones. She is Xavier’s intimidating, non-conformist cousin. Here’s a hypothetical short survey, answered in “her words.”   If I could live my life over, what would I change? Nothing. I have no regrets. …

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Apr 04 2012

D is for Dorner

Dorner, which originally meant “one who lives near thorny bushes,” is a German surname. The Dorner side of my family had immigrated to America over a century before the World Wars. Grandma Dorner was a fantastic cook, unlike me who should be banned from kitchens everywhere!             Kelly makes Jell-o far better than I have. http://youtu.be/fmFIeSmBjRQ …

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