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Apr 30 2019

The Lovely Fickleness of April Goals #BookishResolutions #BoutofBooks #AtoZChallenge

April 2019

https://gotgoalsbloghop.blogspot.com #GotGoalsBlogHop I am utterly exhausted from the A to Z Challenge. If I didn’t have a two-day breakdown in the middle of the month, I’d have made it to my 300 blogs visited goal. So close! I’ll be heading off to the woods later this month for much-needed Rest and Relaxation. There’s a Giveaway …

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Mar 29 2019

LUCK The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I promise you, a lot of it is luck. But you make your own luck by working really hard and trying lots and lots of things. #quote Kevin Systrom Pinterest co-founder

Blog All About It In my “good luck” category, three copies of my new book sold during the pre-sale. Writing Book Reviews As An Authorby @JLenniDorner NOOK Book @BNBuzz Get your copy TODAY!https://t.co/zdC8xYilhN pic.twitter.com/NOFmZKAcwa — J Lenni Dorner (@JLenniDorner) March 28, 2019 In my “bad luck” category, BookBub sent me this email: Our team reviews …

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Feb 08 2019

Writing Book Reviews As An Author on this #AtoZChallenge Tour and Blog Hop

#AtoZchallenge 2019 badge April Blogging Challenge

First Annual #AtoZChallenge Book Reviews, Tour, and Blog Hop! There’s a Rafflecopter giveaway over at the Blogging from A to Z blog Welcome! It’s day five of this great event. This blog will have reviews and tour stops on February 4, 8, 18, 19, 21, 27, and 28. Today I’m featuring, well, me. J Lenni …

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Jul 03 2018

Day Three of #NaNoProMo is About Fun Details and Quotes

https://badredheadmedia.com/nanopromo National Novel Promotion Month took place in May. I missed it. Better late than never! It was a fun read, completely outside of my book. These details weren’t mentioned in this paranormal romance book, but they served to elaborate on the setting and give some “behind the scenes” details to my readers. That quote …

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Apr 17 2016

Blogging lesson on the purpose of img alt #atozchallenge extra post #html

For those of you who already know about this, here’s a music video instead. THIS POST ALSO APPEARS ON THE A TO Z CHALLENGE MAIN BLOG I am not a coding expert. I learned all of this by watching other people, Google searching, and trial with lots of error. (Ha ha) But here’s an important …

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Dec 29 2015

End of the year Book Reviews part 1 #NewToYouRC #FirstReads

A Lenape among the Quakers: The Life of Hannah Freeman This book reads the way a TV documentary sounds. Chapter 3 has valuable insights and I wish more people knew these details. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in history, especially early American history. A fascinating factoid from the book: Pennsylvania’s homicide rate …

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Aug 20 2015

#BoutofBooks 14 #4SeasonsBookCovers by @kimberlyreads and a quote on #reviews by @Trans1110 #TeamTrans1110

The 2 most important words to use in an online review especially a negative 1 are "My Opinion" Be truthful & avoid lawsuits! #TeamTrans1110 — #TeamTrans1110 344K (@Trans1110) August 18, 2015 This is my entry for the Four Seasons in Book Covers Challenge. Details are at the blog of Kimberly Faye Reads. I’ve been a …

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Jan 27 2015

Using #writetip and #querytip to Express Myself plus a Book Review of Write Good or Die by Scott Nicholson

  This will be split into three parts. The first will include a review of a book I finished reading on Jan 11. The second part will include tips from the Fellowship of Fantasy Writers tour. And the third will be tips from me. I’ve done this post using images so that you can PIN …

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Nov 24 2014

Miss you Blogfest and Quote tastic hop

  List one to three bloggers you really miss.  Tina Letters to my Husband   We’ve all already said good-bye to Tina, but this list seemed to justify her name. The Letters to my Husband blog went private over a year ago. It had really interesting posts that grabbed emotion and yanked it hard.   …

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Aug 26 2014

Quote for my current feelings

Aug 17 2014

Sunday Seven in LIGHTS

A list of seven of something- brought to you on Sunday. What can you add? This Sunday Seven is inspired by a quote on the label tag attached to a bag of Yogi tea. The word light is so versatile! There are four ways it was used on the label, and I’ve added three more …

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May 02 2014

Inspirational Writing Motivation Quote on a Coffee Cup

inspirational writing motivation on a coffee cup

Mar 12 2014

simple ways are rewarding

A good catchphrase is about as useful as a bad catchphrase… and both equally common on a 90’s television sitcom. (The Simpson’s, Family Matters, Full House, etc.) I don’t think I have one of these. (If I do, I’m unaware of it. Point it out, break my glass… go ahead…LOL.) So I shall present this …

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Jun 27 2013

quick quote

“Everyone wants to fit in almost as much as they want to stand out.” – J Lenni Dorner (from a facebook comment) I have altered my own quote slightly, because huge generalizations bug me. So here it is, in meme fashion: Pin it by clicking