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Oct 24 2017

#StorytimeBloghop Grim Reapers on a Field Trip #FlashFiction #SFF

https://www.junetakey.com/storytime-blog-hop-rules-guidelines/ https://www.junetakey.com/speculative-fiction-authors-open-call/ Grim Reapers on a Field Trip by J Lenni Dorner “Good morning, class,” my teacher, Ms. Anubis, prowls in, speaking without looking up from her tablet. “All thirteen permission slips are signed. Today is your first field trip through the Veil. I trust everyone has studied their marks. Is everyone in costume?” She …

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Apr 26 2017

#storytimebloghop Journal Of Anah #fiction #sff

BONUS CONTENT! The following is for the #storytimebloghop. Anah mentioned (in the U post) that she wrote a journal entry about something that never happened. That entry is the flash fiction post below. Enjoy. Story title: Journal of Anah Author: J Lenni Dorner This never happened. What I know about physics strongly suggests that this …

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