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Aug 18 2019

Sunday Stealing Summer, Snow, Socks, Shoes, and Scares

Sunday Stealing Questions to get to know each other. 1) What do you enjoy about summer? Outdoor cooking. 2) Do you like snow? Why? Yeah. It reduces the future insect population, prevents droughts, and makes tracking in the woods easier. 3) What do you think about dogs? They’re a diverse species. 4) Have you ever …

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May 04 2014

Liebster Award and Sunday Seven- Influential Books

  A big thank you to the wonderful Alison Strachan for giving me and this blog a third Liebster Award!   “Alison is a fantasy writer who believes in the power of story-telling. She is passionate about the environment and speaking up against abuse of animals. Her novel in progress explores these themes and those …

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Apr 14 2013

A Second Liebster Award

A great big thank you to Wayne L Murphy who has nominated me for this second Liebster Award! Truly this is a great honor.   So what is the Liebster Award? “The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to …

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Mar 18 2012

A fun map

Kiel, Germany Dunmore, PA, USA Thousand Island Park, NY, USA Toronto, Ontario, Canada New Hope, PA, USA Scranton, PA, USA Catasauqua, PA, USA Mystic, CT, USA Bethany Beach, DE, USA Reykjavik, Iceland Coopersburg, PA, USA Virginville, PA, USA Boston, MA, USA New York City, NY, USA Philadelphia, PA, USA Baltimore, MD, USA Bangor, PA, USA …

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